Netherlands, slot and casino access only after self-exclusion check (Cruks)

The Dutch Gaming Authority (Ksa) draws the attention of operators to the fact that games can only be offered with a valid PKI certificate. Without a valid certificate it is not possible to verify whether players are registered in the Central Exclusion Register (Cruks). It is not allowed to give players access to a game of chance without Cruks control.

Cruks has been in existence since October 1, 2021. From that date, high-risk gambling providers (online games, slot machine rooms, and Holland Casino) must consult Cruks before granting access to a player. A PKI certificate guarantees reliable and secure digital communication. Cruks registration must be checked each time a player wants to play.

Limited period of validity

PKI certificates have a limited period of validity. The KSA points out to gambling providers that they themselves are responsible for the validity of their PKI certificate. If it expires, they must request a new certificate in a timely manner. Providers who have not renewed their PKI certificate in time cannot grant access to players, if they do they are in violation and risk a fine.

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