The best Netflix film dedicated to gambling

For all lovers of the big screen, Netflix is ​​the ideal platform where you can find content to watch and spend healthy time in the company of the most beautiful films.

What’s the best thing about finding the perfect movie, the one that also puts together your interest in the game? For this reason we have chosen among the best films dedicated to gaming, to brighten up these warm summer evenings, bringing you into the climate of the big gaming houses. However, the topic is always hot: today, more and more people choose to play online, because now it’s really a very simple thing: all you need is a smartphone and the will to start your own journey at one of the best authorized sites.

If you are wondering where to start, the portal offers everything it serves: a list of casinos that have been quoted, tested by the best experts in the sector and as well as various information on the catalog of providers, as well as bonuses offered that allow you to try out the many slot machines available for free. Let’s go back now to the most beautiful film proposals on the subject of gambling and let’s find out immediately which ones they are.

Win it all – Tutto o niente

In this film, the theme of addiction is tackled: Eddie, the protagonist played by Jake Johnson (who is his biography), does nothing but work to then spoil his vision with what he has gained from his humble work. If you will find yourself involved in an illegal operation at some point, that of moving a suitcase full of money. What could happen in a picture like this, if you don’t end up with Eddie che punta quei soldi al gioco d’azzardo? Despite being followed by a psychotherapist, he just can’t stop playing and ends up in even bigger trouble.

Ocean’s Eleven

A great classic from 2001 with a spectacular cast. We will find together in this film Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts and other notable actors. The film takes the viewer inside the mechanisms of the world’s largest casino, revealing their secret. The attempt is to svaligiare the gambling house of Bellagio, a really existing casino located in Las Vegas. Curiosity: if you haven’t seen the sequel and spin-off Ocean’s Eight, you can’t miss the poster with the all-star cast in a beautiful show that carries forward the saga of the Ocean’s trilogy.


If it is a 1995 production re-proposed by Netflix, this has the reputation of being one of the first collaborations between Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro. The setting is typical of Las Vegas around the 60s and 70s, where De Niro plays the role of a mobster who manages one of the most famous casinos in Las Vegas. If it is one of the most critically acclaimed films: it has the reputation of being one of Scorsese’s most fascinating productions, able to drag the viewer into what was the climate of Las Vegas before the big changes of the last few years.

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