Best playlists for online gaming sessions

Is there anything that good music can’t improve? Choosing the right soundtrack is vital for many moments in our lives: not only for parties and ceremonies but also for exercising, working, and having fun. If you love playing online casino games but are tired of repeatedly listening to your own playlist, check our suggestions for each game in this article.

Luck in Your Hands

Online casinos were first launched in the mid-90s, but they’ve never been so popular. Thanks to widespread smartphone ownership and fast mobile internet, it’s possible to play pretty much any casino game on the go. Combine your gaming session with a Spotify playlist (or other, if you please), and add even more fun to it. Here are some options, depending on the game of your preference.


Slots are arguably the fastest-paced games in an online casino. Its straightforward gameplay captivates players of all ages and tastes. Not every slot machine has a pleasing soundtrack, though, and it sounds more like an alarm that someone refuses to turn off.

Some of the coolest machines are based on rock bands, such as Guns n’ Roses and Motorhead. Still, you can choose your soundtrack, and electronic music can be an excellent choice for such a frantic game.


Roulette is among the oldest casino games. It was invented in 17th century France and initially designed by Blaise Pascal. The first land-based casino, Casinò di Venezia, opened its doors about the same time: 1638.

Nowadays, roulette is a mandatory part of any online casino, whether online or land-based. Although rock ‘n’ roll is the genre that most talked about gambling, you’d be excused to choose some Vivaldi or Lully for this one.


Blackjack or 21 (Vingt-un) is a French card game that millions of players enjoy. It’s one of the games with the most songs, from Ray Charles to Motorhead. However, because blackjack is also a game of skill, don’t get a soundtrack that can distract you.

Consider some soft jazz for the task or something that won’t scream in your ears while trying to count. Choosing jazz as a soundtrack is also an authentic choice since geniuses like Charlie Parker, Frank Sinatra, and Ray Charles usually played in casinos.


Here’s your best opportunity to pick up country music and blues classics. The most popular poker variation today, the Texas Hold ’em, was born by the Mississippi river in the 19th century. Ray Charles also has a few words about the game in “Losing Hand”.

“The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers is still among the most famous ones dedicated to the game. Kenny Rogers also starred in a TV show of the same name in the 80s. There are no prizes for guessing which was the show’s opening song.

Dancing Luck

Listening to your favorite songs while playing isn’t only a lot of fun. It’s also an efficient way of increasing your concentration as well. There are even some soundtracks that are specifically designed for this purpose. Play responsibly, and enjoy your music!

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