Gioconews Casino – Casino alla prova estate, tra dati e tese

The casinos that have spread and dated show an excellent summer trend, pending the results of the experiment in Ca’ Noghera.

Month of August 1994

Saint Vincent


San Remo

French Roulette












Month of August 2019

French Roulette











What interests me, not so much for a question that defining statistics can seem reductive as much as to touch with my hands the effects of a prolonged opening in Ca’ Noghera, is the result relative to the month of August 2022 of the two locations of the casino in Venice.

In other words, quality attendances have undergone more or less variation. Questo lo si potrà, I think, appurare dai ricavi delle slot machines compared to those of the same month of 2019 that are in my hand.

Certainly, and this is my personal conviction, as in the past the best period for Campione was not summer, that for Venice should be right now. Quality tourism, the film festival and the chance to see a unique city in the world attract and the gambling house, in particular Ca’ Vendramin, I place in the aforementioned section. Forse perché ho un pochino di nostalgia avendovi lavorato nel 2001.

The memory of 2001 makes me think that there were traditional games at a time even in August, if I’m not mistaken, on the 25th, the headquarters of Ca’ Noghera dedicated mainly to quantity was inaugurated. And if it was an excellent idea that led to a total revenue that was not even thought of by the general manager Gianni Corradini.

At the same time I cannot forget, at the time in 1994 when I was still a dependent worker, that in the summation of the annual revenues of Saint Vincent and Venice it was noted that 66 percent was the part of the first but, highlighting two traditional games, we find that the chemin de fer rappresenta 26 in Saint Vincent and 39 percent in Venice and French roulette 7 in Saint Vincent and 16 percent in Venice.

I wish to recall the quota of Saint Vincent in the aforementioned summation. This is to find out how much, in the distant past, in Venice before the creation of the second headquarters of Ca’ Noghera, the railway represented in the most complete manner what was known as the showpiece of a gaming house.

If we were to visualize the revenue relative to the year 2019 of the railway, we could notice that 50 percent of those obtained from the punto banco il gioco che si thoughta soppiantasse la chemin. Instead, as often written, the first has continued to form an attraction even if the fans of this game have decreased as well as the presence in the gaming houses.

A little because of the changed economic conditions, a little because of the competition that can take advantage of the publicity and, not for everyone, the management costs that I consider more admirable.

I am not aware of the results of the Campione d’Italia casino, but given the new situation after the re-opening that certainly foresees an initial shoot after a long stop, I don’t have time to confront them.

Chiaramente non appena saranno saranno i dati del mese di augusto di tutte quattro le case da gioco italiane mi reservo di profondire gli argomenti trattati e, if possibile ampliarli.

Copying from others and sharing the thought that obviously there is no cloud on the horizon, the only condition that makes us afraid are external concerns. The uncertainty of the market concerns everyone, no one can “feel excluded”.

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