iGaming and post-pandemic businesses

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a particularly significant impact on the world economy. Although the emotional and psychological damage associated with this phenomenon cannot yet be quantified, it is possible to define the first economic implications.

Some market segments have experienced significant decline, which is opposed by the exponential growth of alternative sectors. As can be easily deduced, iGaming played a key role during the pandemic. Not all gaming sites, however, can be considered safe. It is therefore advisable to know how to identify and select the best online casinos.

The impact of the pandemic on businesses

The best casinos have certainly set up one of the greatest pastimes, at a time when global lockdowns have forced millions to stay home. Although it is not difficult to imagine which sectors have achieved the most significant disadvantages, it is appropriate to evaluate them analytically in order to have a clearer picture.

Eurostat data at hand, the retail sales in Italy, drinks and food decreased by only one percentage point between 2020 and 2019, even with the closure of restaurants.

A different condition for the general index of retail chargesin which fuel and food consumption are not calculated, which has a percentage difference of 13 points between 2020 and 2019. In the United Kingdom and France of 4 and 6 points respectively.

The clothing industry and textiles had a decrease of 26% between 2019 and 2020, an analysis taken for granted given the closure of specialty stores.

Among the most affected sectors is that touristthe impossibility of traveling showed a reduction of 70% of tourists in Europe and 98.8% in Italy, compared to the pre-pandemic period.

Since companies that do not operate in the iGaming industry, such as the best casinos, could not reach the customer directly at their home, most common strategies for tackling the crisis were:

Increased delivery (home delivery); Offers and discounts to be redeemed on the companies’ online website; Professional consultancy on online platforms; Computerization of the most common services (orders, payments, study).

The digital gaming industry

Among the sectors that have received a positive impact from the pandemic is the online game. As reported in this article, iGaming, as well as the best online casinos in Italy, have a turnover of 2.17 billion euros.

The need to stay enticed a play onlinesince the best casinos allow you to make a deposit on the site with different and convenient payment methods. In addition to PC software, it wins the game over Mobile app: this allows you to receive the same welcome bonus (like free spins on slot machines) offered to those who visit the best casinos on the web.

In Italy, those who play at the best casinos have spent an average of 8 hours a week on games such as roulette, poker, slot machines or live games. These software, available for different devices, have offered ideal conditions for every age group, excluding minors (as required by the ADM / AAMS license, which certifies the security of the best online casinos).

It is no coincidence that the best online casinos have implemented new technologies (such as the HTML5 language and the Flash Player) to allow Italians a better gaming experience, on all Mobile app.

Recovery strategies: how did companies react?

In the post-pandemic period, the most affected companies had to adopt marketing and commercial methods completely different from the usual ones. In particular, in the first period, all the best brands (especially in the textile and clothing sector) had to gamble a bit to be sure to come up with innovative terms and conditions that would allow Italians to buy securely on websites as well.

Although it has been present on the physical market for several years, every company that has had the opportunity has acquired it license to sell onlinepreparing a site that could make the experience of Italian customers as similar as possible to one visit to the physical store.

Thanks to commercially available new software It has therefore been possible to make real 3D tours of retail outlets and, thanks to these methods, many customers, confident in the quality of the service, have also accepted the purchase and payment from websites or mobile apps.

In Italy, the sector that has been able to make the most of these conditions has certainly been that food. Although every agency initially bet without guarantees, on payment via mobile app or virtual site, as well as if you were playing a game of poker, roulette or risky spins on a slot machine, all those who invested in innovative software succeeded a get improvements.

Many retail sites have even set up several bonuses and welcome gifts for Italian customers who were making a payment for the first time, and this was also true for mobile apps. According to more than one review and the information that can be found on the web, the security of these new methods has allowed in part of curb the collapse of salesthanks also to the bonuses or free purchase vouchers.

The number of businesses that decide to devise new methods of selling on the web it is still on the rise: it is now possible to shop safely on various sites, such as pharmacies and supermarkets.

The sale on the web and mobile app, with home delivery, can be said to have been among the best possible strategies and this new reality, it is assumed, is destined to completely revolutionize every sector of commerce in Italy in the future as well.

The convenience of being able to receive the products you usually use at home, with advantageous conditions and particularly safe terms, has given Italians a new way to shop. Is it possible that the policy of the best online casinos has long paved the way for new ways of handling money?

What is certain is that the whole world has given a warm welcome and all the new players on the web, a space that has offered various new opportunities and that he gave new security to any type of agency, confirming that the choice made by the best online casinos was to say the least winning.

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