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The world of online gambling and slot machines is rapidly evolving. In recent years we have seen online become an increasingly important role for players, becoming a leading product in the entire gambling industry. This has added to a new generation of users, increasingly young and digital, who have inevitably shifted the focus of the major software houses to making titles and games more suitable for them.

Another great passion of the users is without a doubt the world of video games. The video game industry has in fact grown a lot in recent years and has created real game symbols in which more and less young children recognize themselves.

The brilliant idea of ​​some important software houses was to combine these two passions and create a new and vast array of gambling titles that are set within the gaming world of some of the world’s largest video games.

In this short article we will present some different titles that fall into this category of games. These are slots that have a regular ADM license to be played in Italy and that, at the same time, have also purchased a license to play the major characters of the different video games mentioned. Many of these titles can be played for free and without the obligation to deposit on the gaming sites collected on CasinoHEX Italia. Let’s look at some examples together.

The first is represented by Call Of Duty, a well-known series of video games developed by Ubisoft. The series is always set in war-torn terrain and scenarios, in which players play the roles of some soldiers in the major fire conflicts in recent world history. The goal is to kill the enemies and bring your platoon to the final victory, regardless of the conflict and the area. The title has been translated into an interesting gambling version in which players are in front of a themed slot machine.

The rollers are surrounded by a demolished building reminiscent of the violence of the war and its weapons. At the top of the screen you can see all the bullet holes that were fired in the windows.

The second example we bring you today is Tomb Raider. Let’s talk about the famous heroine played in the movies by Angelina Jolie who was born as a character in a well-known series of video games. It is a famous name that has attracted and continues to attract millions of gamers around the world.

In her video game version, Lara Croft shoots and jumps in abandoned places, until she gets her victory. The slot machine is no exception and takes us in a setting really similar to that of the video game, the slot has 5 to 15 reels and promises hours of fun.

The latest example is the famous killer Agent47, the protagonist of the successful series of games Hitman. Even in this case, the player finds himself impersonating the protagonist, going in search of an important loot.

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