Casino Games most loved by Italians

Italy is one of those European countries with the longest history of gambling. It is said that it all started in the time of the Roman Empire and taking a look at the modern gambling industry we can say for sure that many things have changed. One in particular?

The advent of remote gaming platforms, Italian-licensed operators on CasinoDeps Italia that offer a variety of real money games. Italians love to play, bet on pretty much everything and can’t resist casino games. But which ones are the most popular? We will find out below, showcasing the habits of our fellow citizens and closely monitoring online gambling trends.

What Italians love in terms of online real money games

The first great love of the Italians (obviously leaving the football untouchable) are the cards. However, we are not limited to traditional games, but we are always looking for great innovations in terms of gameplay and features offered. This means that if players do not know how to stand in front of a poker table, they will feel even more satisfied choosing the most modern poker variants.

Let’s not forget the direct relationship we have with lotteries and bingo, which have historically become the symbol of our country. The reason? They are simple to play, immediate and intuitive. At the top of the rankings, however, they can’t miss the slot machine, especially in the online version.

Never without a Slot Machine

Just take a look around the web to see the strong slot trend. Great classics are loved, often reinterpreted or re-adapted by digital version providers. But along with them there are also slots with more modern features, lively gameplay and several bonus games. The strength of the technology is precisely that: to be able to offer many unique incentives and moments during a game session on the reels.

No less popular are the progressive slots: they are so popular because they allow you to access constantly growing prize pools. They can be unlocked randomly and are the result of all bets made by all players experiencing the same title. The winnings, when activated, can therefore exceed thousands of euros (even millions of euros if we think of the great recent records).

Blackjack, poker, roulette and their odds of winning

A game with mysterious origins, characterized by simple rules and so much, so much luck. Blackjack has enjoyed great success around the world, especially in land-based casinos, before finding its place in online casinos. It offers great chances for the game and is an intuitive title: the player’s goal is to excel over opponents and of course on the bench, getting as close as possible to the value 21.

No less popular is poker with its endless variations, around which real world-famous events are organized. The two types to try? Texas hold’em and Omaha, to which not only Hollywood movies but also comics and other creative initiatives have been dedicated. Consider that with a good strategy and the right level of luck, video poker will allow you to reduce the advantage of the house!

The charm of roulette

No less fascinating is, for Italians, roulette, another game that has been presented in many versions and that depopulates casinos where you can play in real time, ie live, where each table is run by dealers in the flesh. This is a strategy game where you have to know the rules before placing your bets in hopes of winning.

Over the years, many techniques and strategies have been tested and put into practice to try to maximize the advantage of playing. The long journey of the ball, round after round is the most exciting moment for a player who does not know how to resist in the face of online betting and more!

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