Hens with golden eggs and online games

The main goal of online games is to reserve pleasant surprises, stimulating the user with a reward mechanism, perhaps inserting in the contest elements that symbolize luck. Winning means getting something special, receiving a reward in terms of money but also only in the form of a pre-established primacy. The element that characterizes triumph better than anything else is gold. This precious material has always been associated with victory and just think of the system of medals to be awarded to competitors who place first in a competition.

In the landscape of online casinos, gold is a constant, appearing on the screen every time a win is registered. Points can be calculated in coins or other gold objects. How do slot machines that have animals as their main theme work? A clear example is the games that have chickens as the absolute protagonists. There are many free hen slot machines you can find online, for example. Fowl Play Gold is one of the most famous and can be found both in bars and online. The product is absolutely made in Italy and there are even numerous online versions.

The hen is a theme that has been repeated several times in the entertainment world. The Coccodè girls were on television in Renzo Arbore’s Indietro tutta broadcast. The girls were busy sketching, from videos of dancing hens to disguises on stage.

The hen and the gold, therefore, in the collective imagination are associated with good luck. The origin of this marriage, however, is due to the famous fable of Aesop. In the story there was a farmer who owned a very special hen that could even produce golden eggs. The man, dazzled by the chances of earning, decided to kill his hen by opening her belly. The farmer thought he found a lot of golden eggs inside the animal. A bitter surprise awaited him, however: there were no eggs in his belly, and the farmer lost the opportunity to have a hen laying golden eggs for good. The moral of the story warns against excessive ambition and teaches to be content.

Online games, unlike Aesop’s fable, are made to invite you to try your luck. The golden eggs of the hen slot machine yield interesting cash winnings. Fans of this kind of game are happy to be carried away by the strong emotions that are produced. The icons of this slot are the wolf, which by definition is the enemy of the chicken coops, the hen, the rooster, the chick, the corn, the sack of money and the inevitable symbol with the words BAR.

In fact, the hen slot includes an internal mini-game where the most valuable egg is blue. It is not a golden egg but even a diamond egg. The free hen slot has also been created for Android systems, to work on tablets and smartphones, allowing the user to play directly from home or while on the go, by clicking on the screen of your portable device. The Golden Egg Hen Slot Machine is also available on iPhone, Mac, and all other operating systems.

Then there are very similar online games like EggOmatic Slot, Scruffy Duck Slot, 3D Farm Slot, Chicken Slot in Mexico, Golden Hen Slot, Win the Hen. Fowl Play, on the other hand, can be found in many game rooms and bars. In addition to the original, in fact, you can play Fowl Play Xmas, created in a Christmas dress, to celebrate the holidays by having fun and trying your luck. Then there’s Fowl Play Centurion, set in the Roman Empire, or Fowl Play Paris and Fowl Play London, set in their respective European capitals.

Choose the hen slot you prefer and start playing by hunting for golden eggs to earn and be happy.

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