League of Legends: at your LEC Summer 2022

The world of technology is constantly evolving: from smartphones to PCs, to video game consoles, every year we see the release of more and more cutting-edge models. In particular in the world of video games they have reached a very high level of quality, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves more and more in the product. As if that weren’t enough, over the years, esports, or electronic sports, have come to the fore. There are many games that fall into the section of sports betting sites, and can boast tournaments on FIFA, Clash Royale, Call of Duty and League of Legends.

This latest video game is one of the most loved by fans. It is currently present on the PC and is developed and distributed by Riot Games. It is part of the MOBA genre, ie games where you play on a closed map online through strategic actions against other teams. Goal? Destroy the opponent’s base structure.

League of Legends in the competitive world, what is the LEC and when does the summer session begin

Without a doubt LOL (acronym for video games) is the best known MOBA on the planet. There are many fans who enjoy playing the famous title in an amateur or competitive way. For the latter aspect, Riot Games has decided to launch the “LOL Esports” site, where you can share updates and launch live. In recent times they have decided to give a total restyling by changing the logo of the entertainment platform.

There are many important championships, a special mention must be given to the LEC, or the League of Legends European Championship. Only 10 teams compete in this tournament and each season is divided into spring and summer. The two sections divide the games into nine weeks, with Italian tournaments and the first six qualify for the playoffs. In the end, the teams with the best positioning enter the League of Legends World Championship. The LEC represents the highest level of League of Legends game in Europe.

The LEC started on June 17 and will continue until the weekend of August, August 14, 2022. Everything is broadcast by Studio LEC in Berlin, Germany, on the various YouTube and Twitch channels of LOL Esports. From this edition, moreover, we return to attend the live event with a return to 100% of the capacity of the structure.

The roster of the LEC Summer 2022

As previously written, there are 10 teams that will compete in an Italian group and then access to the playoffs. The LEC expects the tournament to be divided into two sections, spring and summer. As for the summer division, the teams that will face each other are the same ones that met in the spring.

MAD LionsRogueAstralisFnaticTeam VitalityG2 Sports Team BDSMisfits GamingEXCELSK Gaming

Eyes on Rouge and G2 Esports, the two teams that, according to the most experienced, will impress the fans. Immediately behind are the Excel who have shown so far that they can say theirs and try to take home the trophy.

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