Life and goals of Marracash, the king of rap winning the Targa Tenco at the “best record” 2022

The Targa Tenco 2022 at the “Best Album Absolutely”, Noi, loro, gli altri (produced by Island Records and Universal Music Italia), is just the latest of a career on the rise. After all, Marracash, pseudonym of Fabio Bartolo Rizzo (Nicosia, May 22, 1979), knew from the beginning that he was destined to become the King of rap, naming his third album (2011) with this nickname. “If God did better, he kept it to himself,” he sang in 2010 in the song “All this”, two years after the first album released by a major, Universal, which integrated it into the circuit of radio and mainstream music.

In short, before plaques and various awards, that of Marracash was a kind of self-consecration. And it is with the same determination used in making his way first and foremost in life, marked not always by luxuries and leisure, then in the “jungle” of the music industry that Marra has forged not only his career as a rapper, but also his maturity as an artist.

The beginnings of Marracash: from Sicily to Milan of rap

Marracash, born in Sicily, but moved very soon with his parents and brother to Milan, was immediately put to the test by the economic constraints of the family, who were forced to move house several times in the Lombard capital. But the difficulties also concern integration: in an interview with Repubblica he told how the Milanese community made fun of him and his other friends because they were southern, “as is the case today with non-EU citizens”.

In Milan, however, Marra does everything to be able to fit into the rap scene, attending a local, the “Muretto”, as he reminded the microphones of Soundsblog, and it is in those parts that he makes friends, among others, with rappers of the caliber of Gué Pequeno, Vincenzo da Via Anfossi and Dargen D’Amico. The official debut is with the song “Popolare”, included in the mixtape Roccia Music I (2005), in which Club Dogo also collaborated. And among the unexpected fans is also Universal.

In 2008 and 2010 Marracash became one of the most followed rappers thanks to the eponymous album and So far so good, with singles like “Badabum Cha Cha” as drivers for success. Of 2011 is the second mixtape Roccia Music II, driven by the evocative song “Slot machine”, sung with Emis Killa and who knows maybe written after a game on one of the many slots of NetBet (I take twice what I give, I cry a lot casino in this casino ”), he who already in the name has that assonance with the well-known physical casino of Morocco.

However, returning to Italy, it was in October of the same year that he released his third solo album King of rap and the following year he founded Roccia Music, an independent record label.

In first place in the ranking of the historical magazine Rolling Stone

The fourth album Status suffers a delay that postpones its release to 2015, but the wait for the fans is worth the candle: in the album we find the single of the same name “Status” (already anticipated in 2013), “On the radio” and “Nella car ”, the latter sung with Neffa. Following are some collaborations, including the album Santeria with Gué Pequeno, and the penultimate solo album Persona in 2019, named Rolling Stone album of the year. The rest is recent history: in November 2021 comes Noi, loro, gli altri, placed again by Rolling Stone in first place in the ranking of the 20 best albums of the year.

With the Targa Tenco 2022 he was also the first rapper to win the coveted recognition. Who knows, maybe Marra had anticipated this too.

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