Everything about Mobile Slots for Canadians

Online casinos reached their top popularity in Canada after the first legal platform was launched in 2004 by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. Emerging of mobile apps and slot games for smartphones and the possibility to open the favorite activities in a mobile browser made a whole revolution in online gambling. It became possible to have access to the favorite entertainment basically anytime and at any place where you can reach the Internet. Though nowadays all slots are put in a small electronic box instead of huge steel machines, it does not ruin a player’s experience. That is because developers do their best to improve the feeling of realism for better gaming and to please players with great winning chances.

What Are the Advantages of Mobile Slots?

The main advantage of playing on a portable device over a traditional Windows desktop is the opportunity to play anywhere and anytime — at home, during lunch breaks, between classes, sitting in a cafeteria, or on your way somewhere. Without any doubt, it feels more comfortable than carrying a laptop with you. Mobile versions of slots can be opened on casino websites via a mobile browser and as an application. For the second option, you will need to download the app from some of the official stores like the Google Market or Galaxy Store and install it on your phone. Also, casinos often have a page on their website with an app download link. The main advantage of using an app is the number of different bonuses and rewards, for example, coupons, monetary bonuses, free spins, or even all together.

Choosing a Suitable Slot and Safety Measure

It is always great when there are lots of things to choose from. At the same time, the bigger variety makes it harder to select something. That is exactly about gambling apps and games. There are tons of gambling websites with immense game catalogs on the Internet — all bright and attractive, all shiny and alluring. Without knowing the differences between this and that game, it is tricky to pick the right one. Besides, you should keep in mind that there are people who try to prey on others, faking legal websites and creating scammy software. Here and now, we will help you figure out which mobile slots suit you best and how not to get fooled.

What Types of Mobile Slots Are There?

There are several types of mobile slots by their accessibility:

They open in your favorite browser installed on portable devices:

You should look for them in app stores or on casinos’ web pages. It can be apps with a bunch of games or separate slot machines right to your taste.

When we speak about kinds of slot games, there are 3 of them:

These are slot machines with a simple structure. Made by Charles Fey in 1984, this equipment got three reels and different mechanisms of dropping numbers. Although the machine was originally called “one-armed bandit” (because of its lever making the reels spin), the name «777» was given to it because of the combination bringing a jackpot (i.e., top reward). This model served as an archetype for all further modifications.

This type has more than 3 reels and multiple lines, which increases the chances of collecting a winning combination. Usually, developers make 5 reels because this amount is considered to be optimal. The main advantage of these slots is the possibility of getting re-spins and different multipliers. Also, they are creatively themed and have interesting plots like sci-fi, ancient world, fantasy, and so on.

This is a real examination of a player’s luck. In such slots, the reward is not fixed but cumulative, and it increases with each bet until one of the players gets a winning combination. The amount of prize can reach up to millions of dollars. For example, a lucky guy who played in Megabucks won $39.7 million.

How to Play Mobile Games Safely?

Smartphones became an integral part of our daily lives. We use them for communication, personal information storage, and making monetary transactions. That’s why they also turn into an aim for various scammers. One of the most popular methods among crooks is the integration of viruses into apps. The malware hunts for information about payment cards, access passwords, personal details, and so on. Gambling apps and mobile games are no exception. Moreover, they can be programmed to lose, and their users will hand over their money and credit card data to fraudsters without any suspicion.

How to protect yourself from this? Do not download games and apps from non-official websites offering you a “hacked” version and promising solid wins, bonus deals, and free spins. In reality, everything you will get is your electronic wallet all empty before you even realize it! Keep in mind that an official casino app can be hacked in no way because it is connected to the developer’s server. Better safe than sorry!

Free Mobile Slot Machines

They are a great alternative to real-money activities for those who want to give them a shot without any risks. It is free-to-play stuff where a real currency is replaced by a virtual one. You may play those slot machines by downloading a mobile app or by opening them on a special page where demo games are available.

How to Check the License of an Online Casino

Why a license is a must-have? It serves as proof of the casino’s legality. In addition, it confirms the fair functioning of a Random Number Generator. It means that the software does not rig the results in favor of the gambling club, thus leaving the players without a chance to really win. In addition to malicious apps and games, there are also websites that fake real online casinos and provide dishonest information about their license. Often, they steal license information from real websites.

The effective way to make sure that everything is fair is to check the licenses and certificates of both gambling platform and mobile slots software provider. A license issued by a reputable authority is the sign of a trustworthy operator.

In Conclusion

The gambling industry has developed to the point when people do not even need a laptop or a PC. Now people can gamble using their phones and have completely the same range of different games just like in the desktop version. Besides, it is equally safe to play on a phone and laptop as long as you follow some simple pieces of advice that will help you have a great time without getting scammed!