Online casino. Slot Machine with Risk Scale Function

In this article you will find out what the risk scale is

If you’ve ever played slot machines developed by Merkur Gaming, you probably know the Risk Ladder feature. But even if you didn’t, don’t worry, because we’ll explain everything in this article.

You can play games produced by Merkur and many other software vendors at Nomini’s online casino: This place is home to many amazing gaming machines.

If you want to double the profit you just made, risk slot machines give you the opportunity. Fortunately, these games are present in most online casinos.

The risk scale is basically an extra bonus round that is exclusive to some software vendors, including Merkur Gaming and Bally Wulff Merkur. In this article you will find out what the risk scale is, how it works and what games with this feature are.

Online casino

Online casino. Slot Machine with Risk Scale Function

What is so special about the risk scale function?

While some gaming machines feature the risk game, in which you can increase your winnings by guessing the color of the card, very few have the risk scale function, in which you can double the cash prize in an instant.

To activate this feature, you usually need to win a sum of less than 140 euros. At this point you can choose whether you want the winnings to be paid or whether you want to increase them into a bonus round.

You can level up and continue to increase your winnings until you reach the top of the ladder at 140 euros.

The peculiarity of Merkur slot machines is that you only need to make low bets to overcome the risk scale and have the chance to win fruitful prizes.

In these online casino games there are always two fields that light up on the screen. One of the two boxes takes you up a flight of stairs, while the other takes you down.

This is where you have to prove your skills. You must activate the button each time you turn on the one that raises you one level. In this way you gradually level up. Remember that you can always interrupt the bonus game and withdraw all your winnings.

Risk Game vs Risk Scale

If you want to experience even more unforgettable emotions by playing online casino games, both the risk game and the risk scale are good options to increase your winnings. It is worth noting that the risk scale is a less risky option.

This is because you do not automatically lose all winnings the first time you make a mistake in the scale. You simply level up and you have another chance to continue playing or quit the game.

Risk play does not require any skill, as it all depends on luck and intuition. It is in fact to predict the color of a card selected from a deck.

In addition, there are no fixed levels of card risk: the winnings double each turn until you reach the maximum goal. However, if you make the wrong mistake, you lose all your winnings.

What strategies to choose for Merkur online casino slot machines?

Unfortunately, no strategy can guarantee you a win during the risk scale function. But the chance of success is in your hands.

With a little practice, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the operation of Merkur games and improve.

Tips such as paying attention to flashing steps or different sounds are not very helpful. What can really help you are the free spins, which make it cheaper to try the slots. This is because it all comes down to practice.

The levels presented by the Merkur games are slightly different from those offered by the Bally Wulff slots.

Merkur games offer a steady increase over Bally Wulff slot machines. A special feature is present exclusively in Merkur gaming machines: the playoff button.

Thanks to it, you can move to a higher level by skipping a couple of steps. Again, you can exit the slot at any time and collect previous winnings.

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