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When it comes to gambling, many thoughts come to mind. Many think of gambling halls, others of sports betting and bingo. Of course, there are those who think of poker or other card games, such as blackjack, known for its ease and simplicity. But there is no doubt that if one were to seek and want to find something in common among all thoughts, this would be represented, at least in most cases, by slot machine. On the other hand, the latter they are the most popular game of recent times. Something that has been confirmed even in a difficult and complicated period such as the pandemic, which we have been experiencing relentlessly for almost two years now.

However, they too have had to adapt to modernity and infinite changes, which, in recent months, have depended mainly on two factors. The first is the technology, on which many brands and operators in the sector have decided to invest with great conviction and determination. The other thing is, as I said, and it’s all too obvious, the health emergency. A health emergency that has led to the growing, to say the least dizzying, online gambling. It is no coincidence that it was the latter who acted as a tow to the sector, playing the role of a real anchor of salvation.

So, bottom line is that online casinos are becoming more and more important. Because among other things to win an increasing number of users and players are non-AAMS slot machines hosted by casinos. These portals are based on a valid license issued by the European Union or in any other country and are characterized by a wide variety of games and an offer that, from certain points of view, can really be considered convenient and advantageous.

What needs to be clarified is that, even in this case, security is fully guaranteed. In fact, everything is based on international licenses that are issued, for example, in Malta (MGA) and Curacao, in the Netherlands Antilles, in Costa Rica, in Gibraltar, in the United Kingdom and so on. In short, even in this case there is an absolute guarantee mark. 1Bet Casino, Casinia, 22Bet Casino, Cadoolaare just a few of these platforms and portals with a European license, where you can try the latest gaming news, having fun and even trying to score some winnings.

So we are talking about a reality that has many facets and where technology is now the master, with mobile devices that are part of our daily lives. And, worlds like gambling, they can’t help but try to exploit everything to their advantage.

The information you don’t pay for, someone pays to give it to you.

Have you ever found someone who pays you for your child’s kindergarten fee? Or gas bills, electricity, telephone? I don’t. Ask yourself why, however, there are those who pay you the cost of producing the information you consume.

Information that others pay for is given to you: it is not under your control, it is potentially polluted, it is not tracked, it is not guaranteed, and in the end, it is not information, it is advertising or, worse, embezzlement.

The Information must return to the control of the Reader.
Paying the cost of producing the information is your right.
“L’Indro” wants the Reader to reclaim the right to know, the right to information, the right to pay for the information he consumes.

Paying the cost of producing information, we must be aware of it, is a right. It’s the only way to access quality information and direct quality control.

Many ask you to donate to support them.

We don’t.

We do not ask you to donate, we ask you to demand that the journalists of this newspaper be at your service, that you need information.

If, like us, you believe that the information we consume is the health of our future, then so be it.

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