People who risked everything and won the casino

It is a common misconception that casinos are gambling and people who win huge sums of money by playing casino games do so mainly because of luck and chance. However, this is not always the case, as some non-AAMS casino winners have proven to be professional gamblers.

To get a generous win from an online casino, a lot depends on two important factors:

Selection of a reliable gaming and entertainment structure that offers its customers high quality services on transparent terms, providing licensed software and fast payments. Careful preparation for the gameplay, the study of the selected slot, its characteristics, adherence to certain tactics, common sense and a sober head during the gameplay.

These two components together help players receive generous prizes in online casinos. And yes, thanks to the clever use of these two indicators, the slot machines that online casinos offer players cease to be just entertainment. They are becoming one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn a generous extra income.

TOP 5 biggest winnings in online casinos

Winnings in online casinos have long exceeded tens of millions of dollars. Every month, many more millions are won on numerous authorized sites. This was possible thanks to slot machines with progressive jackpots. They are played by millions of people on thousands of resources and the bank is accumulating a common one. Breaking is a real success. Next, let’s talk about the lucky ones who were lucky enough to win the highest amounts in the history of online casinos. Of course, the game was played for money. But the lucky ones received millions in exchange for a bet of a few dollars or euros. In the list of big winnings, you can see the following amounts:

$ 11,609,942. $ 11,633,898. € 11,736,375. € 17,861,800. € 17,879,645.

So, consider every victory and its lucky winners. The following information will make it clear that absolutely different online casino customers have received staggering prizes. However, it is worth noting that they were united by something in common: a responsible attitude towards the gameplay, a sober assessment of the situation. And, of course, it was not without luck is the balance of gambling, which knocked on that significant day at the player’s window.

Fifth place .. $ 11,609,942 for a lucky Mega Moolah Slot DP

This gigantic amount was won in August 2016. A man with the nickname DP was playing on his iPad in the mobile version of the casino when he won a gigantic jackpot: $ 11,609,942.

This win was the 28th in the history of the Mega Moolah slot machine. It is unique in that it is blown on a mobile device with a bet of only $ 1.5!

By the way, Mega Moolah is considered one of the most generous slot machines in the world, with more than 40 millionaires on its account. Arrange winnings on average once every 9-10 weeks. It was on this machine that the largest payment was made, which we will discuss below.

Fourth position. $ 11,633,898 for Marcus Goodwin of Mega Moolah

This victory was also issued by the Mega Moolah car in November 2016. This time the lucky winner was Marcus Goodwin. It was the 29th grand prize in the history of the slot, a huge amount of $ 11,633,898 was accumulated in just 3 months since the release of the previous huge prize.

Marcus Goodwin was so happy that he couldn’t believe his luck. The newly minted millionaire said he would spend the money on a new cottage, a holiday home and a fantastic family holiday in Africa.

Third position. € 11,736,375 for a Norwegian Mega Fortune gamble

The student, originally from Hordaland, Norway, won the most incredible jackpot of our selection on September 24, 2011. The 20-year-old returned from a nightly movie session and decided to play a bit. And although he usually makes sports bets, this time he saw the colossal amount of the Mega Fortune Jackpot, I decided to spend 10 free spins on the car that gave him the casino. During these rounds, the slot distributed NOK 46 to the lucky one, who decided to spend right there. And already on the 11th lap, the student got 11 million euros!

Due to the shock, the winner could not fall asleep normally, he was feverish and sweaty. When asked where he would spend the money, he said he had to calm down and think normally first.

Second position. € 17,861,800 from Mega Fortune for 40-year-old Finn

Finland’s most common man, who prefers to play low stakes, received € 17,861,800 in January 2013 in exchange for 25 cents! The lucky 40-year-old said he was crying and laughing at the same time, he couldn’t believe his luck.

This is the biggest win for the Mega Fortune slot machine, which lasted in the Guinness Book of Records until 2015, when the current record was broken.

First position. Guinness World Record: 17,879,645 euros from Mega Moolah for an English soldier

In October 2015, the largest jackpot in the history of an online casino was reached, which can still be found in the Guinness Book of Records. € 17,879,645 was won by a normal British soldier, John Heywood, who played only 7 minutes and made literally 25 laps, spending £ 30 on bets.

The Afghan veteran, who was lucky, turned out to be quite young. At the time of the victory, John was only 26 years old, but he had a difficult year: his grandfather died and his father needed an organ transplant. He said it was impossible to think of a better time to win!

In summary

Not long ago, it became possible to win millions not only in slot machines, but also in live croupier games, which can be found in the live croupier section of the online casino. Poker and baccarat funds have already surpassed one million. But you should only try your luck on licensed sites. In general, if you are going to play with real bets, in this case, the first thing you need to worry about is choosing a reliable gaming and entertainment venue. After all, only a high-quality, licensed portal can provide its users with high-quality software, transparent gameplay, and fast payments. The second important point is the choice of a suitable slot machine. Don’t be in a hurry to play with real bets, try the slot machine in demo mode. This will allow you to prepare more fully in the actual gameplay.

It should be clear that when a slot machine is launched on real bets, such gameplay ceases to be just entertainment. Here it is already worthwhile to include all your attention, vigilance and ingenuity.

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