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Slot machines are the mainstay of land and online casinos. Although they may have a long history, this game continues to be a point of reference for many users. Even with the digital revolution, this type of attraction continues to win over a large number of users around the world: the online counterpart has not scratched its nature, on the contrary, it has accentuated its characteristics. The credit also goes to developers, such as the Microgaming casino software (famous for its slots), able to put more and more innovative “devil machines” online.

The slot market is large and constantly changing. For this reason, it can be difficult to navigate any game without knowing how to do it. What are the features to evaluate to recognize the best slot machine?

The theme of slots

The first step when choosing a slot machine is the theme. When we decide to play online, of course, we do it to have fun, as well as to win. That’s why in this case you have to go and select a slot according to your preferences. An incredible variety of topics can be found around the web, such as the great world movies, fruit, video games, TV series, cooking, or even vampires and music. In short, there is really the embarrassment of choice. Understanding which topic we like allows us to narrow down the field.

Once you’ve chosen what you like, you need to consider the bet. Each game offers a minimum bet and play all lines. They are usually 25, for a total of about 25 cents for the minimum bet.

RTP, a key feature

Another key step is to understand the slot machine we decide to use. This will lead us to have a positive gaming experience, as well as greater familiarity. The goal is to have fun, but also to win, here comes the famous RTP, ie the return in winnings to the player. Not everything we spend is lost, the machine is programmed to pay in the long run the winnings, through a percentage set by the manufacturer. The best online slots all have an RTP of over 90%. What does it mean? It means that if we spend 100 euros, we get back 90. ​​It is not uncommon to find machines that have an RTP even over 98%.

Finally, RTP opens the door to volatility. What do you mean? Let’s talk about the frequency of winnings, divided into low, medium and high. In the case of low volatility we have frequent gains, but with an almost low value, while in the case of high volatility it is the opposite: low frequency of gains, but high value. So the right compromise is the average one, which agrees with every type of user.

We are talking about two independent values, but they work together to create the perfect game. Many users decide to use slots with a higher RTP, because they have more money back, but in reality it means that back has a very limited value. It all depends on the style of play you intend to follow and the budget you have.

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