Slots and Comics: a successful pairing

The success of online casinos is increasingly evident, in recent years we can rightly say that we have now seen the overtaking of virtual gambling halls on physical ones. Convenience, reduced mobility and easier and more manageable access are certainly some of the most important factors, but as we can see, they are not the only ones.
In fact, a big draw for online casinos, after years of poker power, has been slot machines, which in recent times have evolved into real video games, full of quizzes, puzzles and above all compelling plots.

The world of slots, if we look closely at titles and game dynamics, has changed radically, managing to make its themes, settings and adventures typical of TV series and comics, translating them into compelling strategies. The secret we have to say is therefore in the ability to use storytelling, to make the stages of the game less automatic and boring, thanks to stories that can be protagonists.

Exotic settings are among the great successes of the slot world, we think of the success of the ancient Egyptian-themed titles or related to the vicissitudes of the Spanish conquistadores: in short, the desire for adventure and extraordinary has positively contaminated the online game, attracting a new audience that did not know him.
The comics in this case played a very important role, giving rise to highly successful titles, which were able to conquer the most diverse players. Think, for example, of The Walking Dead, which is inspired by the eponymous comic book series based on a comic book set in an unspecified future in which humanity has been turned into a zombie, and survivors must face it in order to survive. The characters inside the slot machine take on those of the series, creating a play full of suspense and emotion.
The field of superheroes has proved even more fertile: the undisputed protagonists of some of the greatest comic book successes, the heroes in tights have also been asserted in online casinos, bringing their extraordinary adventures inside the slot machines. In these titles the player can put himself to the test with crazy challenges, in the role of Superman or Hulk, experiencing moments of tension in immersive scenarios and cared for in every detail: not bad to detach your head and relax!
Among the most famous we can certainly mention Super Heroes, in which we find both the classic symbols of the playing cards, and the special versions, represented by the bitterest enemies of our superheroes, to be challenged on 5 reels and 20 paylines. The gem? The ability to use the different powers of the heroes on duty, for a never monotonous experience!
Another title that can win them all is Justice League, which features some of the most beloved and famous heroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Flash. With 5 reels and 40 lines it ensures genuine fun, in which we find familiar functions such as the Wild symbol, capable of replacing any other symbol but also the Scatter symbol represented by the Mother Box.
Among the great classics, however, we can not mention Superman II, starring the eponymous hero with a double life, in which we find up to 4 jackpots a bonus Daily Planet, awarded when at least 3 symbols appear on a payline.
The connection between comics and slot machines is becoming ever closer, to create more and more engaging stories: what will be the next titles to be adapted?

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