Technology: How is livestream affecting some industries?

Livestream is the method of transmitting data and images used when someone watches a video on the Internet. It is also a way to provide a video file remotely, transmitting even just a few seconds at a time. Livestream is defined, among other things, when a video is sent to the Internet in real time, without first being recorded and archived.

Today, TV shows, video game operators, social media and well-known brands use this live streaming system to interact with different people interested in entertainment or business. In reference to what has been said so far, we see how this livestream technology is today affecting sectors such as online casinos, the world of social media, the world of work and video games.

The livestream boom

Digital streaming services are becoming more common and represent different segments of the media industry. While YouTube, Netflix and Spotify remain the main points of reference in the discourse of streaming, many services have all appeared today on various platforms creating a rich, complex and dynamic panorama of services that apply some versions of the above streaming model. In essence, livestream indicates an unlimited way to distribute and consume multimedia content.

However, despite its widespread use in all fields, authoritative studies have found that the boom in this technology is mainly due to music videos and real-time games. The latter, for example, offer a lot of them with live croupiers in board games, such as poker in all its versions or roulette. The film industry today also uses livestream to offer trailers or even full movies with Pay-per-view.

The livestream in online casinos

Online gambling is extremely popular nowadays, but by far the most popular is livestream. This is a unique opportunity to have fun with online slots and other forms of virtual gambling, without investing money or making financial commitments with a company. In addition, many online platform operators use this technology to offer many live games such as live roulette casinos that allow you to place bets online, in the same way as you play in physical casinos. In addition, the livestream also allows participants to interact simultaneously with other people and with a live croupier just as it happens in terrestrial structures. However, the transmission of images via streaming in online casinos is not limited to the above roulette; in fact, some sites also offer other board games with some very famous globally and that you can play in multiplayer.

A typical example is that of poker in its most famous version in the world, called Texas hold ’em. Having made this important clarification, it should be added that thanks to livestream technology, many companies have decided to enter the gambling market by exploiting the undisputed skills of the most well-known suppliers already known for their exceptional graphics (even in 3 D) and sounds that can be implemented in the most popular slot machines.

The influence of livestream on social media

Many social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, have added livestream. Thanks to this, many companies and influencers, old and new, use it as a marketing tool. The former, for example, use live streaming as a form of social media marketing to connect with customers, generate more followers, showcase products and services, and educate and entertain viewers by bringing them closer to a sale.

This boom, moreover, follows in the footsteps of Eastern social media; in fact, suffice it to say that since technology giants like Alibaba joined the influencer marketing game, the industry has grown rapidly and so e-commerce profits have quadrupled thanks to livestream. For influencers, however, having the opportunity to take advantage of livestream technology on their social media means receiving immediate feedback, turning a video from a broadcast into a conversation, sharing and commenting on some images, and most importantly, enticing followers to return. The secret of the success of this innovative technology offered by livestream, however, can also be found in the fact that if there is an urgency on the part of an influencer to broadcast a live post and that requires attention, the operation becomes targeted and therefore in able to provide the expected effect.

The livestream in the world of work

Livestream is a method of transmitting data and images that is also valuable in the world of work. In fact, many companies prefer to connect in real time on platforms responsible for this function, in order to involve potential customers in their marketing campaign. Specifically, they can show processes and products in use, display graphics, play music, and present images and other data. Viewers at these junctures can absorb a large amount of information in a relatively short time without reading or performing exhausting research. Most livestream platforms that operate in the world of work, opt, among other things, for the transmission of special algorithms that allow live content to be displayed at the top of the list of followers.

The livestream in the gaming industry

Another sector that today makes use of livestream and with great success is that of games. In fact, most of those who develop them can offer them through cloud gaming platforms, requiring service costs for each individual title or for subscriptions. The advantage of the livestream of the gaming world is also found in the fact that those who want to enjoy it, do not have to make any hardware updates and are not required to have a specific device to view a title. This means that unlike modern consoles where you have to invest money to buy them (in addition to the game you want), in the case of cloud gaming a person only has to pay a subscription fee or the price of a single title. game. In addition, it should be added that another advantage of livestream is found in the fact that most traditional consoles, whenever a new version of games appears on the market become obsolete. On the contrary, this does not happen with livestream, since in a cloud gaming platform the graphic processing takes place in the cloud itself which is managed and maintained by the service provider. Finally, it should be said that a person can start a game on a TV and continue it without problems on a mobile device with high-fidelity images, since all processing and transmission takes place only on the above cloud.

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