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Last update on August 9, 2022 – 9:24

Milan, August 9, 2022 – Italy is clearly one of the largest gaming markets in the world. At the beginning of 2020, the Italians spent on average about 20 billion euros in online casinos, bookmakers and fixed post providers. This sum is huge compared to the population. But the recession is catching up with gambling: the market will shrink for the first time after a year and, at least in Italy, the boom in the gambling industry has ended for the moment. This is also due to foreign competition, as Swiss online casinos, for example, are growing.

Is the situation really so dramatic or are the experts predicting a future that does not correspond to reality? This guide on gambling, the recession and the country of Italy sheds light on all these aspects.

Italy is the hotspot of the gambling industry

Italians don’t just love football, they also love slot machines, roulette, blackjack and practically all the most beautiful things in life. It is not only the Italian dishes that are famous all over the world, but also the passion of the country’s gambling players. The situation has reached the point of requiring the intervention of the state authorities. The prevenzione delle dipendenze rappresenta il problema principale ed i casino online si vedono forcedti to soportar ogni tipo misura di regolamento. Especially fixed suppliers have been strongly affected by the political decisions of the last few years.

It becomes difficult to install slot machines directly in public places. All clubs, discotheques, bars and games, where you don’t play the slot alone, have to worry about your license. È proprio qui che si sono stabiliti i casino su Internet. Qui non ci sono quasi problemi per ottenere una licenza ed in linea di massima le autorità tendono quitre un occhio sui casino online. Especially because the majority of suppliers come from abroad, where Italian laws are not applicable.

Even the numerous “anti-gaming laws” are cleverly circumvented by an online casino. Gamblers – at least in the game room and presso and fixed suppliers – do not therefore have the possibility to pursue their passion and risk winning in Italy. That’s why the black market is expanding in Italy. The case of illegal poker and simili esistono di grand lunga and the principle applies all over the world. Se si vuole giocare d’azzardo si trovano pure delle opportunità. And gambling players are not really interested in the fact that these online casinos are legal or not. Basically, Italy is clearly an eldorado for gamblers in Europe.

Is Italy sliding towards the next recession?

From 2020 various crises are shaking the whole world. According to the Italian business association “Confindustria”, experts estimate a 6-8% fall in gross domestic product. These results are dramatic figures that will surely have an impact not only on the economy. The economy also includes the gambling industry, which obviously pays the cup. The gambling industry in Italy is about to crumble and gamblers are leaving and providing in massa?

This is not necessarily true. Even in Corona times, the entire sector has grown globally. Perhaps sales will collapse for a short period, but the gambling industry is not in any way linked to political or economic situations. Unfortunately Italy is in a difficult financial situation regarding the government’s budget. In addition, the debt is equivalent to approximately 140% of the entire gross domestic product. It must be said that these are hard times for the economy, that it is only now that it is finally recovering.

To what extent the energy balance can be compensated remains a question mark as in the case of all European States. Italy is not the only country to purchase large quantities of gas and petrol from the East. But does the situation of tension have anything to do with the gambling industry? Probably not, and gamblers gamble in all situations and crises. Even and above all in case of difficult political and economic crises. A recession could be verified, but it is far from being statistically proven. However, the current indications clearly indicate an upcoming Italian economic and financial crisis.

It must be said at this point that the Italians are certainly not the only ones to suffer from the crisis, because even other European countries are trying to fight massive inflation and stabilize the political situation. If you estimate that the online casino will not be directly affected. As the past clearly demonstrates, there are always the same economic sectors that resist all crises. The online casino and bookmaker are definitely among these, and even in an uncertain future, players will find a wide range of slots and similar.

These are Italian favorites

Between inflation and various crises, perhaps even a technical recession is manifest in Italy. However, all these aspects will certainly not prevent players from challenging their fortunes in the gambling industry. After all, there are opportunities to win a bag of money. Even the next football season is at the starting blocks. In addition, the next Coppa del Mondo will take place shortly in Qatar. Well, unfortunately the Italian National team has already been ruled out. However, the quota of sports bets are excellent and with “the right portion of fortune” you can win a lot. But what are the types of gambling that most Italians like?

Sportive bets of any type are particularly popular in the country. Of course, above all football – as in every country in the world – but also other sports such as tennis, American football and many others. This incident explains the large number of online bookmakers available on the Italian market. In addition, according to the statistics, the Italians love playing alle slot machines, that is, all the virtual machines of online casinos. Ma anche qui i cittadini si uniscono almost tutti i giocatori d’azardo di tutto il mondo. Italy’s penchant for poker is remarkable. Poker live and preferably even in the “often illegal” courtyard. The card game is extremely popular in Italy.

A questo proposito, it is important that large online casinos naturally also have video poker dal vivo in their portfolio. Offrire agli apassionati di gioco i video poker non rappresenta di certo un major sfida e quindi posonso essere integratimente tecnically e graficamente senza grosse sfide. He also plays roulette and other games of chance, but to a lesser extent than poker and slot machines. Even in the online activity of suppliers, the State is not sure to interfere. The operators must only be in possession of a valid license (also non-Italian). Italian gamblers can therefore dedicate themselves to their passion without major obstacles.

Recession and gambling? Can you do it together?

In the last difficult years, the sector has registered strong growth. So the users literally take refuge in a sort of hobby and hope to win big. Therefore, it can be strongly assumed that even in the case of a real recession, the gambling market is not “about to collapse”. Sure it will reduce a bit in terms of turnover, but it won’t disappear into oblivion. Gambling has always been practiced, even hundreds of years ago. Apart from the crisis, online casinos have a great future ahead of them and will gradually replace the fixed game.

Already at this moment, the Internet provider has surpassed the regular casino. Several reasons have made it possible for this to happen over time. I vantagei rispetto alle sale giochi sono semplicemente troppi. There is no sign of “casino recession”.


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