The UNO card game lands on the internet –

One of the most exciting games to do during an evening with friends is Uno. The equipment consists exclusively of a deck of cards, with special numbers and figures, in addition to the leaflet with the instructions contained in the package. People of all ages from the age of 7 can try their hand at this hobby, for a total number of opponents ranging from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 10 at the same time.

For a few months you can play Uno even on the internet, connecting to one of the best online casino AAMS and also receiving interesting welcome bonuses. The age limits in this case are different and you must be of legal age. Reading the reviews on the companies that offer this delicious opportunity is really useful, especially to be able to seize on the fly the unique opportunities associated with the promotional initiatives of the month or day. These casinos are safe and perfectly legal, with a personal data protection system and with payment platforms that offer solid guarantees to customers.

For more information you can visit the websites of the online casino where you play roulette, at slot machine, other classic disciplines related to the green table or games like Uno, which have recently landed on the web and are gaining huge success among fans. The original game is signed by the US company Mattelan international giant that is second in terms of turnover only to Lego.

One could even equate it to a board game because it is ideal for sharing emotions with friends, relatives and peers, just as it is for Monopoly and other types of entertainment. However, this is not a real board game but a deck of cards. This feature has made it perfect to be developed even in the online version. The origins of the game date back to 1971 but the charm of Uno has never faded. As proof of this, the appreciation received from the web mode should be highlighted, with the members of the online casinos who have welcomed this beautiful news. It should also be remembered that One has been transposed even in the form of video game for computer and for the most popular consoles such as Xbox, PlaySation and Wii, as well as for mobile devices on Apple and Android systems.

The goal of the game is very simple and immediate: to run out of cards. The player who manages to run out of cards wins the game. It starts with the distribution of 7 cards for each player and, alternating, we proceed with the game. The contenders, in turn, must discard a card compatible with the one on the table, otherwise they must draw another card and pass the hand if the card drawn does not allow a play again. The hottest phase of the match is when one player is left with only one card because he can discard the other when he gets only two. At this moment he must to pronounce the word Unowhich is the number from which the game takes its name.

In online casinos, the One game is very similar to what you can buy in specialty stores or newsstands. The only difference, of course, is that you can compete at a distance with others real or virtual players present on the betting platform. As for the card hierarchies, there are numbers from 1 to 9 (plus zero) and other colored cards, for the categories red, green, yellow and blue. Then there are the cards Fishing Twothe map Invertthe map Jumpil Jolly and the Jolly Fishing Four.

The symbols on the cards clearly indicate what to do, for example having to draw 4 cards when the opponent discards the card with the +4 symbol before our turn.

Go on the internet and register on online casinos to have fun at Uno and start winning.

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