What are the best online casinos in Italy in 2022

What features should an online casino have?

The number of online casinos is growing rapidly and it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand which platforms are the best. Italiacasino’s team of experts has identified the best regulated casinos in Italy. There are several factors that allow you to understand at a glance if the online casino you are interested in is a safe casino or if it is not exactly as safe as it seems. Below we explain what aspects you should pay attention to and what requirements an online casino must meet in order to operate in Italy.

Below you will find a list of the best casinos in Italy:

– 888 Casino

– Digital Game

– NetBet

– bwin

Each of the casinos on the list has been certified with an ADM license and tested by our team of experts. These are the casinos that have received the highest score from us; but we also relied on reviews from other players that can be found online. Reviews of individual casinos are a great way to get an idea.

Selection of games

The selected casinos offer a varied selection of games, and you will not have to give up any of your favorite games. On the casinos you will find some of the best developers, each of whom offers the platform its own selection of games, from the most established and famous to the classic and retro ones such as slot machines, roulette and poker.

Usually, the presence of certain developers in an online casino is already representative of the fact that a casino could be reliable and secure.

Casinos often offer the opportunity to take advantage of a trial period through which you can test the platform in addition to your own gaming skills. This way you can evaluate the online casino but also do a little practice without having to deposit or bet real money until you feel ready.

What factors to consider when choosing a casino?

Each online casino should make its rules available to players, so that they can be easily consulted before starting to use the platform. Usually in the rules or in the Terms and Conditions you will find all the information you need to understand how the platform works in principle, how to make deposits, withdrawals, how betting works and how winnings are managed.

The best casinos have a clear and thorough regulation, often there is also a section with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) so that it can guide you better. Customer support should be available for any clarification. That’s why it’s important that customer service is responsive and provides quality service.

The key factors to consider are:


Whether it is welcome bonuses, deposit or other types of bonuses, every online casino offers bonuses of some kind. Be sure to do your research to find out what types of bonuses you prefer that best suit your style of play. If you like to vary the platform often, you may not be interested in the weekly and monthly bonuses offered by some casinos, while you may be more interested in the welcome and deposit bonuses, for example.

Payment methods

The best casinos offer safe and reliable methods, such as credit card, debit, bank transfer, e-wallet and other established methods. Licensed casinos allow you to make deposits and withdrawals fairly quickly.

ADM license

Platforms must meet certain requirements in order to receive an ADM license that guarantees the security and reliability of the casino, the protection of personal data, gaming information and above all money deposited and winnings.

Customer Support

In case you need assistance or something doesn’t work on the platform, you want to make sure you get the support you need in a reasonable amount of time, that the operators are prepared and that they know how to handle the problem best. Each casino may offer different modes of support, live chat, email or phone support, if you think you have preferences check in advance what type of support the platform you have chosen to play offers.

Are online casinos legal in Italy?

Gambling is legal in Italy and is well regulated. The best casinos have received an ADM (formerly AAMS) license that guarantees the security and reliability of the platform. Casinos without an ADM license are not allowed to operate in Italy and you should be wary.

Gambling and addiction

Gambling can be addictive. If you think you have a gambling addiction or need help, you can contact 800 55 88 22 for assistance, this is a free service.

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