What games are available in online casinos?

The world of online casinos in Italy is carefully regulated by ADM to create an environment in which users can play freely without fear for the security of their data and the integrity of operators.

Those who want to take the first steps in this world, will probably want to find out some information about the main types of games available.

For this reason, we have decided to edit this article, in which we will describe the types of games offered by online casinos that are for the most part.

Slot machine

Simple, colorful, intuitive. The slot machines, with their bright tones, sound effects and the classic look with the lever to pull, represent one of the cornerstones of online and physical casinos in the common imagination.

The basic concept is the same: you click on a button (usually represented by two arrows that form a circle) that activates the mechanism of rotation of the rollers. The number of rollers is variable and their arrangement can lead to a win, also of variable amount.

The gameplay changes from slot to slot, as there are types from a few years ago with few reels and few combinations available, as well as the more modern Megaways that guarantee thousands of winning lines in each game. However, the fundamental value remains the RTP, which indicates the percentage of the total amount played that is returned to users in the form of winnings.


Roulette is a more complex game than slot machines, in which the user is called upon to place one or more bets on various possible events, determined by the movement of the ball on the famous round game board.

Those who play roulette online on sites like Starcasinò can therefore bet on “red” or “black”, on individual numbers, on “odd” or “even” or on various intermediate plays, waiting for the ball to end its crazy run. to find out the outcome.


One of the most popular card games and also one of the simplest for beginners, blackjack is a real highlight among casino games. 2 cards to the player, 2 cards to the bank, at least initially. The goal? Beat the bank, without exceeding the maximum score of 21 and then unpack. An iconic discipline that has also inspired successful books and films.

Other board games

If blackjack is the king of casino card games, there is no shortage of queens and players: baccarat, European poker, Omaha, Texas Hold’em, Caribbean, Three-card… Whoever has more, put more. The player can then choose between games against software or against other real players in the tables available online.

The novelty of live casinos

The innovation brought by the live casino has been overwhelming: with high-speed internet connections you can now sit virtually at the table of many different games, from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere else with your smartphone. And so there are opportunities to have fun with many variants of the games already seen before or totally different proposals such as:

Crazy Coin Flip, the revisited head or cross game. Mega Ball for those who love the lottery. 7 and a half. Quick games.

This overview has only scratched the surface of a very deep topic. Whoever wants, can freely explore this world with the right attention!

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