Which online games do Italians prefer?

Which games do Italians prefer?

Online casinos are digital places where there is a wide variety of games on offer and the level of entertainment is very high. It is not always known which online games are preferred by Italians, but from today it will no longer be so.

In fact, in this article, we will see which are the most famous games that Italians prefer on online gambling platforms, in terms of winning and fun.

Slot machines are the quintessential casino game and is the first thing we think of when we hear the word “casino”. This is the game most loved by Italian users as no special skills are required.

Therefore, anyone can try their hand at slot machines but luck is the key to earning a win.

In online gambling platforms, you can find multiple slot machines with various types of reels, themes, paylines and payouts. The slot machines are constantly updated and have different RTPs; therefore, we recommend that you always see this parameter before betting on one slot rather than another.

BlackJack is also a fairly common game in Italy. Any player, even beginners, will have heard of this game at least once. In fact, BlackJack is a card game where you have to be very careful to win.

The goal is to beat the bank and at the same time, not exceed the number “21” with the cards. In online casinos, BlackJack is available in the Live Sections where you can find a digital bank and the presence of a croupier who will manage the entire gambling process.

The probability of winning will depend only on your knowledge of the game and strategies. In fact, it is not surprising that on the Internet you can find a lot of information about the techniques to be adopted. It is worth noting, however, that these strategies do not guarantee a safe win within the casino.

Are there other games loved by Italians?

To the question: “Are there other games loved by Italians?”, The answer we can give is positive. Among the other most popular games we find:

We can also take advantage of free bonuses for poker, bingo and roulette. By taking advantage of the free bonuses you will not need to deposit large sums and at the same time you will be able to win real money.

Let’s see each of these games together to understand why these are so loved by Italians!

Poker is the first game par excellence most loved and widespread in every online casino in Italy.

Unlike the traditional live game, online poker consists of two variants: Casino Tequila Texas and Casino Poker Hold’em.

In all online casinos you can bet both in the traditional version, then with the computer and in the live version. In the latter there is a croupier in the flesh that will allow you to relive the gaming experience that you could try inside a physical casino.

Bonuses offered by online casinos can also be used for Bingo. This type of game is another of the most loved by Italians because the rules are very reminiscent of the game of Raffle.

In fact, in online bingo, you can have on the screen of your device all the material needed for the game, namely the folders and balls to accommodate the extraction of numbers.

The draw phase will be performed by a random number generator and therefore, luck plays a major role. The player will win the moment a combination of his cards emerges from this draw to declare his win. The process is all automatic, so you can immediately see if your folder has won or not.

Finally, Roulette is one of the most popular games in the casino. In online casinos, Italians can find three versions of this game. Including:

French version, European Roulette, American version.

The main difference between these versions is that in American roulette there is double 0. This makes it slightly disadvantageous compared to other types. The player’s goal is to bet on one or a series of numbers or combinations and wait for the ball thrown by the dealer to be placed on the desired number.

If you bet on a single number, both in French and European roulette, the odds of winning amount to 2.7% while for the American table, the odds are 2.6%.

However, if you win a full number, the online bank is able to pay 35 times more for the stakes.

At the time of registration inside the casino the player is granted two types of bonuses:

No deposit: to get this bonus you need to register at the casino without necessarily making a deposit, Welcome: to get this bonus you need to register and make a deposit.

These bonuses can consist of free spins to be used on casino games or they can also be amounts to bet in the casino. In the latter case you can use them where you think best, even on bingo, poker and roulette and try to win big bucks.

All you have to do is take advantage of the bonuses inside the casinos and live a new unique experience!

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