Alessandro Termenini relaunches, a project on safe and legal online casinos

Perhaps for many of you, the name of Alessandro Termenini might say little, but for those who “hang out” a little more in the world of Internet and online gambling know perfectly well that this name and surname are a guarantee of quality and reliability. You can bet on us and, never as in this case, these words were the most appropriate! But let’s move on with a little order.

We are in 2011, practically just over ten years ago, and Alessandro Termenini launches a new project dedicated to all fans of online gambling. The name is as attractive as possible, ie casinosulweb, as well as clear and attracts in the absence of the attention of many users.

As visible on the site’s contacts, the founder Termenini describes himself as “creator of the project since 2011. With my experience I analyze all safe online casinos with ADM license. I distinguish a scam from a reliable casino. ” In short, a simple but really immediate description!

But what exactly is and why is it so important? First of all, you should not think of it as a “huge” bundle of virtual casinos, online slot machines and so on, but as an information site about everything that is online gambling.

To give an example, since unfortunately scams are the order of the day in this area as well, on this portal you can find all the major certified online casinos along with dedicated apps and all the relevant information.

The portals with the best bonuses, the ones with the most prizes won, the ones with the best games, the ones that guarantee a more practical mobile gaming experience, the ones with a more eye-catching graphics and so on. And of course there is no shortage of tips to best defend yourself against online casinos and apps with “not in order” cards.

In short, as the famous adage goes, “knowledge is power” and it is for this reason that a portal like this proves to be a valuable resource for both the most navigated players and the newest and, therefore, most inexperienced.

As already mentioned in last year’s Censis report, it seems that many Italians prefer to have more information about gambling than a kind of “censorship”. It is therefore necessary to know well what you are facing when you bet on the net and then it must also be the state to better inform about all the risks associated with gambling addiction.

The report then went on to analyze how, in 2020 alone, illegal gambling came to collect the beauty of about 18 billion Euros and almost half of Italian players came into contact with it. Can you therefore better understand how clear and constantly updated information is always needed during this period?

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