Why do tourists love Italian casinos?

In the course of this article we will try to understand why Italian casinos are so popular among tourists and what are the different reasons that drive more and more people to visit Italy at any time of the year.
In addition to casinos, which play an important role in tourism, in fact, foreigners look online for the various beauties of Italy starting with the landscapes, the great cities of culture, the historical monuments and also the typical dishes that can be to taste And all this only increases the desire of foreigners to visit Italy.
If we add to this the possibility to play slot machines or one of the most important card and table games, we really reach the top.

The beauty of Italy

Apart from the casinos, Italy is a mixture of natural beauty, architecture, landscapes, beaches, mountains and in short, every tourist can really find what makes them lose.
For example, the capital Rome can offer you unforgettable moments. We are talking about one of the most important cities in the world, where simply walking around the city you can find historical monuments such as the Colosseum and the Arch of Trajan, the Trevi Fountain, the Piazza di Spagna, in the vicinity of which there are the famous via dei Condotti, the queen street of elegant shopping.
In addition, from Villa Borghese you can contemplate the beauties of the city from above. To this, then, we must add the Vatican and Saint Peter’s Square, world reference points for Christians.
Florence is another city that is undoubtedly very popular with tourists. It was the seat of the Renaissance and there are many attractions to see such as, in particular, the Uffizi gallery which houses the most beautiful works in the world created by artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci.
Naples, then, with its gulf, the historic center, the many churches to visit. The Museum of Capodimonte, the street of cribs, the cathedral with the treasure of San Gennaro, the Veiled Christ and much more, is one of the destinations requested by more and more tourists.
In fact, the list could go on for a long time because, in addition to the most famous and popular cities, Italy is full of villages often with a few hundred inhabitants but of indisputable beauty.
As already mentioned above, Italy offers everything to both sea and beach lovers with the Emerald Coast, Salento, the Sorrento Peninsula, but also those who, on the other hand, like to ski given the presence of the Alps and the Apennines in a large part of the country. In coastal areas, however, there are no casinos. However, this is not a problem, because to find a safe classified casino on CasinoTopItaly, you only need to have a smartphone with you.

The delicious Italian cuisine

Surely this is another topic too vast to cover in its entirety. In fact, in Italy there is no particular or specific typical dish, but each area, city or region has its strengths. In Naples, for example, Pizza stands out without a doubt, but to that are added desserts, first courses and many other culinary specialties.
Rome offers typical dishes that no tourist could ever give up such as Carbonara, Gricia and Amatriciana. Not counting the various second courses and the Roman focaccia.
In the rest of Italy, then, as has been said, tourists will be able to find typical dishes such as Canederli, Tortellini Emiliani, Piadina Romagnola, Sicilian sweets, ‘Nduja Calabriana, etc. Ultimately, everyone will have bread for their teeth.
Finally, we must also focus on another fundamental element, wine. In fact, almost every Italian region produces its own wine and there are some labels that are recognized worldwide.

A casino with history in the most beautiful corners of Italy

Now, however, let’s get into the heart of our discussion of Italian land-based casinos where you can go and play. Before we start, however, we want to give you another important element that makes us understand how important the game is in Italy. The first casino in the world, in fact, was born in this country and precisely in Venice (another splendid city to visit) in the first half of the 17th century. And, in fact, we still have two casinos in Venice today. One in the city center, which can only be accessed via the characteristic gondolas, while the other, more modern, is near the airport. Both casinos also have slot machines and all kinds of card and table games.
Casino Campione d’Italia is located in the province of Como, overlooking Lake Lugano, and is an Italian enclave. In practice, it is located in Switzerland, but is still part of the Italian state. It was inaugurated in 1971 and, especially in recent years, it has had a series of economic problems that have led to its closure. It reopened in early 2022.

The Casino de la Vallée is located in Saint Vincent, in the Aosta Valley, a short distance from Switzerland and France. It first opened in 1921 to entertain the many tourists who came to the town in the winter to ski. It has remained open ever since.
The last casino where you can play is in Saremo, a city very famous for the historic Italian Music Festival that is held every year. This casino was opened in 1904 and was built in Liberty style. It is a very fine wine from the French Riviera and since its inception it has always been a benchmark for players.

Italy’s exciting nightlife

Another certainly important element of Italy, and linked especially to young people but not only, is the night life. Especially in big cities, in fact, there are many clubs and nightclubs where you can spend the night drinking with friends and having fun with shows, music and dancing, as well as gambling, of course. La Dolce Vita told by the famous director Federico Fellini, is in fact an Italian status.
In the summer, therefore, there are several areas of Italy that become a destination not to be missed for young people. Among these we can certainly mention the Romagnola Riviera with Rimini and Riccione, but also Salento with Gallipoli and Sardinia with Porto Cervo. During the esthete, in fact, these areas are practically invaded by thousands of young people who love nightlife and clubs.

Is a holiday in Italy worth it?

Having seen in detail all the beauties that can be found in Italy, the casinos available with each game and the endless culinary delights that can be tasted, it should not be a problem to understand that Italy definitely deserves the attention of several tourists, including casino gamblers.
In addition, one of the most interesting features of Italy is undoubtedly the possibility of having everything within short distances. Each region, in fact, manages to offer more attractions, big cities but also very small towns. And this also applies to the sea and the mountains, just to give an example.

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