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Casinos in Europe are actively developing year after year and do not stop attracting attention. This is mainly due to the attitude of the governments of some countries towards gambling. For example, those who want to choose interesting slots in the Italian casino on the site will have no problem. At the same time, entertainment is still banned in some countries whose regime is not democratic. Why does this happen? Let’s try to understand this phenomenon on the example of countries where the game business is developing especially actively today.

Principality of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is a small but very rich state. The most famous in the world in Monaco are the Monte Carlo casinos. More than a thousand tourists come here every month, the richest representatives of the world make big bets.

You can’t say that Monaco was lucky. Monaco switched to “lane” gambling in the late 19th century. This was the significant policy of the princes of the time. Monaco is a small historically separate part of France, which had no production, no fossils, and after Monaco elegant gardens began. In this situation, the authorities decided that Monaco should become an entertainment center. Years of targeted PR, Prince Rainier III’s marriage to popular Grace Kelly did its job. Monaco became known around the world.

Today the Principality of Monaco is famous for its magnificent resorts, hotels and beaches, as well as for the ability to account for any amount of money with a minimum of questions about where it came from.


Every Italian casino is controlled by the state. The activity requires a license, obtaining a tender and paying a fee of 350,000 euros. The licensed Italian casino offers users only certified entertainment. These are slot machines, roulette, slot machines. At the same time, the Italian casino carefully monitors that all anti-fraud standards are met.


The Czech Republic is a country where any kind of gambling is allowed. Casinos, slot machines and lotteries are developed here. All players arriving in the Czech Republic immediately go to Prague, where there are more than 10 large casinos.

The Czech Republic also appeals to players because everyone can bet here. At the same time, the smallest bet is only 1 dollar.

The Czech Republic also gained popularity because poker tournaments are regularly held here, which have captured a large part of the gaming industry around the world today.


Germans are the nation that has always had a great desire for excitement, money and games. It is here, in Germany, that in the 14th century the first house of chance was opened in all of Europe. The gambling population living here may have brought great success to the country with the prosperity of the gambling industry.

To date, there are more than 70 official gaming centers in Germany. German legislation is strict and obtaining a license for gambling activities is not easy.

The tax burden is also very high: each entity must return up to 80% of its income. However, gambling halls and casinos in this country are not only not being eliminated, but continue to be actively developed. Interestingly, even Hitler “found no control” over German institutions, which functioned in the 1930s and 1940s.


Georgia is a tourist country. It is visited by a large number of people, many of whom actually play. There are many gambling establishments in Georgia, most of which are land-based. The country’s government regularly organizes debates on the possibility of banning its citizens from using betting sites.

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