The RTP and the Mode in which the Game changes at Rabona Casino

Online casinos are becoming more popular every year. People prefer online websites, like, alle case da gioco reali, and the reasons are multiple. First of all, it’s comfortable. To access these games, just go to the website or open an app. Secondly, it’s exciting, because the range of games is much wider than that of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. In terzo luogo, you don’t have to worry about fraud. Authorized casinos, like the Rabona casino, are required to follow the regulatory norm, in particular the use of a certified random number generator to determine results.

Cos’è RTP

In short, it is a program that determines the probability of symbols falling in slots, cards and numbers in roulette. Prima dello sviluppo della tecnologia informatica for a similar purpose, if he used a coin. But if the chances are 50-50, then we are talking about a much more complex system, based on dozens and hundreds of algorithms. The range of calculated numbers is much larger, making it possible to get really random results.

The real RTP of the Rabona casino funziona secondo il principio stabilito dal creatore. Its code is kept top secret and its quality is evaluated by the certification society.

A random number generator takes as its starting point a specific value with hundreds of decimal digits. This is processed by the program, which provides the final result. The latter never depends on previous results. Using the slot machine as an example, this means that even if the user only loses, their chances of winning at each rotation do not increase, but they remain the same. Equally unsuccessful can be 100 spins in a row, and two punts can bring huge prizes.

Type of RTP

In general, there are two types of random number generators, called software and hardware. Random number generators software use mathematical algorithms to generate random numbers by initializing the algorithm with an “initial” value obtained from some repetitive computer operation, such as keystrokes, process execution, the computer clock or movements of the mouse. However, obtaining a completely random initial value is extremely difficult, because most operations provide initial numbers with a limited range of values.

Hardware random number generators do not require initial numbers because hardware random numbers are not calculable values, they are not products of a repeatable algorithm. Rather, the random numbers generated by the hardware are instantaneous digitized natural noise. There is no algorithm or repeatable sequence of numbers, even if a hacker manages to determine a number, it cannot be used to predict future numbers. For this reason, hardware generators are also called veri random number generators.

Because RNGs can’t be fooled

The random number generator has nothing to do with winning at Rabona casino. It only determines the input data used in the slot during the reel rotation. Questo significa che barare è insensato.

Even if this goal is impossible, it is practically impossible. The software code is encrypted and only a limited number of people have access to it. If the algorithms are modified, trusted gaming institutions, including the Rabona casino, will immediately notice and transmit the information about the hacking attempt to law enforcement. An action of this kind risks criminal prosecution by the aggressor.

Knowing in advance the starting point, it is impossible to predict the result with 100% precision, since the numbers determine the number of turns of the roll, but not the symbols that appear.

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