what makes le due sale di Venezia unique

When we talk about gambling, we think in particular of America, of Las Vegas, also home to the most technological and expensive stadium in the world and many other places of interest, its circuit and the many Hollywood films that are inspired by certain themes . However, few imagine the fact that the most ancient casino in the world was born in Italy, precisely in Venice. Even in our country, in fact, the gaming sector has grown exponentially, leading to a rather significant increase in the number of video games. The advent of online has certainly made things easier, considering the fact that users have the possibility to access various digital platforms much more easily. That the city of Venice is par excellence the homeland of the game is also confirmed by the fact that online you can find slot inspired alla città lagunare. A practical example is the Venetian Dreams slot, which can be tried online using the appropriate Codice Promotional Sisal, which uses the symbol of the Venetian capital in the game, reproducing the romantic atmosphere that makes this place unique and wonderful in the world. And then we enter the heart of the Laguna and discover its two terrestrial casinos.

Ca’ Vendramin: history and characteristics

As already anticipated previously, the Italian city that has written a great page of gambling is Venice itself. Palazzo Ca’ Vendramin, in fact, is the oldest in the world and still today attracts players from all over the world. The Palazzo was built, at least according to various testimonies, by the architect Mauro Codussi on behalf of the Loredan family. Historians allow us to have a fairly clear picture of the situation, providing us with the start and end dates of the construction site: 1481 and 1509 respectively. The building, after being ceded to the Duke of Mantua Guglielmo Gonzaga, was purchased in 1589 by Vettor Calergi for his wedding with his wife.

Almost forty years later, the palazzo was extended through some changes made to the right wing of the building, covering a good part of the garden and giving the structure a visibly “L” shape. Following a series of vicissitudes, the palazzo passed to Vendramin in 1739 by inheritance. Between 1882 and 1883 the special guest was Richard Wagner, a well-known German composer who died on February 13 of the second year. While in 1946 the building passed to the Comune di Venezia, only in the early 2000s was it officially ceded to the Casino di Venezia SpA. Internally, you can find a wide range of activities and an absolutely complete gaming experience, including French, American tables, slot machines and much more. The Casino is just ten minutes’ walk from the railway station, which makes it quite easy to reach. Alternatively, in particular from Piazzale Roma, you can also get there using the naves used for customer transport or, why not, by gondola.

Ca’ Noghera: history and characteristics

Il Ca’ Noghera, accessible by car from the most important routes of northern Italy, is a fairly modern and spacious structure, characterized by over 6000 square meters and a slot park with 550 machines. In addition to this, it can count on an important organization even from the point of view of the restaurant, which is constantly accompanied by American games with 14 tables of Fair Roulette, 7 tables of Black Jack, 1 table of Caribbean Poker, 2 tables of Ultimate Poker, 8 Punto Banco tables, French Roulette and a Chemin de Fer table. The construction of a new area, composed of access and reserved parking, has allowed the headquarters to expand considerably. The new area is equipped with a game floor, a restaurant, slot machines and an open air terrace.

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