What Are Pokies: Simple Guide To Slots Gambling

If you have been to Australia or just browsed online casino websites, you might have come across the term Pokie throwing around. You might get confused about what they are talking about. Don’t worry; Pokies are just another name for Slot Machines.

The name Pokies for slot machines is mostly used in Australia and New Zealand. Apart from the name, there is no difference at all – the games are all the same.

Where The Name ‘Pokies’ Came From?

The term Pokies comes from the ‘Pok’ from the ‘Poker Machine’.

Since Australians love to abbreviate everything – Relatives into ‘Rellie’, Mosquito into ‘Mozzie’, Surfers into ‘Surfie’.

With these examples, it makes sense for the Australian to shorten the long name of Poker Machine to ‘Pokie’.

The thing which made us more curious as to why these Pokies were called Poker Machine, despite being similar to Slot Machine games.

After doing thorough research, we came to many theories. Out of which, one theory came close to sounding real. It is believed that the early gambling in Australia started with a Poker Machine (what the world calls video poker).

After the rise in the popularity of slot machine games, casinos started keeping several machines lined up together one by one and side by side. And calling the room full of slot machines ‘Pokies’ became easier.

The term has been stuck and has been carried forward to online casino gaming.

Types Of Pokies Game

Before we get into how to play these pokies, let us look at the types it has to offer. As long as you are playing on Earth, the pokies must fall into these two categories –

Reel Machine

A reel machine is a physical machine with real levers and physical reels. When the lever is pulled, the reels start rotating themselves. This design is one of the classics and has been popular since the one-arm bandits of the past.

Video Machine

With technological evolution, today, most pokies fall into the video machine category. This means that the physical reel of the game has been replaced with computer graphics.

Thanks to technology, the game has become more difficult with more reels, multiple pay-lines, and numerous bonus options.

How To Play Pokies Online?

In order to play online pokies nsw, you need to choose the right casino. While most online casinos call themselves to be the best, it is better that you run a background check.

Once you have found a site you are comfortable with, start with the signing process. Before you sign in, choose whether you want the downloaded version or the non-downloaded version. We recommend going with the latter, as you will have access to more games and superior graphics.

Once the software is available, open the account of the software and make a deposit. Now that you spend money browse through the games and select the one that catches your interest.

The winning is added to your game account. You can use the money to continue playing or convert it into cash through the withdrawal process.

Getting your money out of the game can sometimes feel like a chore. This is why it’s important to select a reputable platform.

Tips On Playing Pokies

Avoid Complicated Games: Some pokies can look attractive with more reels and pay lines. Well, that’s the way to go, right? Absolutely not. The more complicated the game is, the less chance you have of winning it. Go for games that are simple and less moving parts. This will help you analyze them better and predict their movement in the long run. Bet The Maximum: Most people start with betting a low amount and hardly get anything out of it. This is because most pokies will only allow you to win the biggest jackpot when you are betting the maximum bet allowed. However, you don’t have to do this every day. Go with a maximum bet when you are feeling confident and lucky. Don’t Chase Your Losses: If you truly want to come out of the session with a smile, it is important that you don’t chase your losses. Most people lose more than they had in mind because they chase the losses. Once the loss threshold is reached, accept your day and leave for the day. Try your luck next time.

Start Playing Today

Now that you know what Pokies is all about and how to play them, you can start building a hobby that can make you a millionaire.

There is no doubt that slot machine games need luck to win the game. But players who carefully analyze every roll of the reel and manage their bankroll end up having a smile on their faces at the end of the session.

No matter why you aim to play slot machine games. Remember that it’s a game, and you must enjoy it to its fullest.

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