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Users want to find a unique scheme on how to beat the casino and get big winnings in slot machines. But there is no single way to ensure 100% success, and the software strategies of different vendors will be different. However, if you know the secrets of slot machines, you can increase your chances of winning.

The principles of playing with real money

To get real winnings, you have to bet money. Unlike demo mode, this carries risks. Important:

Choose a secure online casino. Playing in ADM-branded casinos is the only way to expect a fair return; Choose a slot based on its technical characteristics (RTP, presence of features and bonus levels, ability to maintain balance); Play responsibly. Choose a strategy by evaluating slot features (volatility, bonuses, top tier win stats, and bonuses).

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Commonly used strategies

Strategies are developed using machine analysis: volatility, free spins activation frequency and bonus levels, maximum payout. It is also important to know the percentage of wins in the main round and in the additional rounds.

Game Tactical Options:

Change the software often if there are no big wins in the first 50 laps or if the bonus round does not start. This method is effective in some specific provider slots; Choose a game based on popularity or high RTP. Short sessions with the hope of a quick victory. The strategy does not work, the result depends only on luck; Long session in 1 or 2 slots all day. Applicable to high variance games that can be compressed.

Choose demo mode to get started

To know the secrets of slot machines and to devise a strategy, you do not need to recharge your money. It’s best to see the results of the laps in free demo mode. It will allow you to calculate the sequences (especially at bonus levels and in rounds for doubling with cards) without unnecessary risk.

Secrets to a successful game

Check the volatility of the slot machine

When choosing a strategy, it is important to evaluate volatility. If the indicator is high, the user will take more risks (victories are rare, but big). If it is low, the winning combinations will often appear on the reels, but will not carry a huge jackpot. Recommendations:

Low volatility, worth playing in short sessions. If there are many empty laps at once, it is best to click exit; High volatility, you often have to do up to 500 spins. But not all slots can be “beaten”. In some it is better to stop before 80 laps.

Sometimes the level of volatility can be controlled during bonus levels. The manufacturer itself offers several options with different risk thresholds.

The importance of RTP

The return percentage is set by the developer. If the software comes from a licensed vendor, the casino cannot affect the indicator in any way.

The higher the return rate, the more likely the user is to win. RTP typically ranges from 94% to 97%. It is best to choose software with a performance of more than 95%. You should not bet real money on the slot if the RTP is less than 90%.

Important: Even with a 99% return, the user may lose. A high RTP does not guarantee a victory.

Use the bonus

It is advantageous to choose cars with bonuses. A popular option are freespins and respins. During this scrolling, the user does not risk anything. It is always an advantage when free spins are reactivated if you collect a specific combination of symbols on the reels.

Bonus spins are a way to win the jackpot of over 1000 bets. The gain is much higher than the main level.

You should not use all the secrets of slot machines that are published on sites dedicated to gambling entertainment. Many of them do not work.

The best strategy for not losing money in slot machines is to just play for fun, or set a money limit that you are willing to lose and never exceed.

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