Gioconews Casino – Habanero, Lonoce: ‘Casino games, more interaction, less nostalgia’

Arcangelo Lonoce, head of business development Europe in Habanero, highlights the current trends in casino game design.

“When it comes to designing slots for modern audiences, aesthetics play a crucial role in attracting players who are no longer looking for products that convey a sense of nostalgia. Instead, these players are looking for engaging features and interaction with the wider community. That said, when it comes to gameplay and long-term loyalty, it’s all a matter of math at the core of the product and the value of the entertainment provided. ”

Arcangelo Lonoce, head of business development Europe at Habanero, describes the new trends in the casino games market. “After all – he continues – a game can only be truly successful if it has the right math and engaging gameplay to match.”

What are the characteristics (not just design) that determine the success of one game over another and these characteristics are different from one country to another?

“I have always argued that a well-designed game has the ability to transcend regional preferences and function just as well in other countries as they do in the regulated market for which they are intended.
Our timeless success with Scopa is a great example. Although it was originally designed with Italian players in mind, it has proven to be particularly popular with the global public. Santa’s Village is another great example of this, being a seasonal title that remains popular throughout the rest of the year. For us, these games are a real winning formula because we have found a way to make these traditional models attractive to all cultures and latitudes, regardless of the time of year. ”

Thinking about the future of your titles, what development directions are you following, but not only in terms of design?

“Not to sound like a broken record, but we have a fantastic collection of games in the works for the rest of 2022! We’ve been working on some fascinating research and development ideas for the contents of our slots, and of course we’re looking to strengthen our presence in a variety of incredibly important markets, such as Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, and Argentina.
We will be adding an incredibly exciting new dimension to our already impressive graphics capabilities that will be a turning point for our partner operators! For now, that’s all we can reveal! ”

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