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We often wonder how online casinos work and if there is a difference with “physical” ones. With a wide variety of forms, online casinos offer many types of games that capture the player’s attention. But how exactly does it work?

A license is required

Not everyone can launch their own network casino online. First of all, any honest casino must have a license, so feel free to check one before you register. The latter is obtained by a government authority but there is still no international harmonization. In other words, there is not one type of license in this area, but several, some more stringent than others. Some distributors are particularly recognized, such as the Curaçao Online Gaming Authority, the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority or even commissions such as the Belgian Games of Chance.

Mandatory safety standards

As in a real casino, the issue of security arises in online casinos, above all in the age of hacking. They must have an SSL security protocol, preferably 128-bit (Secure Socket Layer), which remains the security standard used by banks and most e-commerce sites. They usually also have an RNG generator and to go beyond, approval indicators, if you want to verify that the site is reliable before inserting your credit card. All these measures ensure that the data is encrypted in order to encrypt the data and that it is not subject to hacking.

The limits of responsible gaming

As with traditional casinos, minors cannot access them and access is denied to those with gambling problems. Responsible casinos generally have a feature that allows you to ban online gambling or at least set deposit limits. This involves a controlled registration process as you need to provide personal information and usually an ID. If registration is generally free, or even encouraged through offers, sometimes you have to wait for the account to be activated or funds to be deposited at checkout.


An online casino bonus is a sum of money that the casino makes available to a player, in addition to his deposit, so that he can play with more money than he has deposited. The vast majority of online casinos offer bonuses, more or less interesting. There are many types of bonuses such as welcome, no deposit offers, loyalty offers … which differentiates them from traditional casinos that have to amortize their structural cost. The bonuses offered by online casinos are all incentives to allow the player to invest more. How to distinguish them from each other? Let’s take a look. The no deposit bonus is the amount that the casino pays into the player’s account, without making a first deposit in advance. The welcome bonus is awarded when the player makes his first cash deposit into his account, but this amount is not immediately available. As for the sponsorship bonus, well known in other areas, it allows you to get benefits by recommending friends and acquaintances. As for the loyalty bonus, it is accessible to everyone, because it is linked to the player’s activity. Finally, free spins bonuses are offered with online promotional codes that allow you to get a free spin after several spins without winnings. Now we are going to analyze specifically three families of promotions available to players: the Welcome Bonus, the No Deposit Bonus and the Sports Betting Bonus.

The welcome bonus

Among the online casino promotions, it is probably the most important and used by players. Also called “Welcome Bonus” in English, the welcome bonus is offered by all online casinos and is accessible to all new registered players. Once you register on a gaming site, you can benefit from a sum of bonus money as well as free spins from the slot machines on the first, or first deposits made (depending on the conditions of the casino). The welcome bonus is an exceptional offer that allows players to play with hundreds or even thousands of euros more in their favorite games such as slot machines or online blackjack. But to take full advantage of these promotions you need to be fully aware of their conditions.

The no deposit bonus

The second most used and appreciated casino promotional offer by igaming community it is obviously the no deposit bonus. Also called a free bonus or trial bonus, it is a promotion that allows new casino players to try it out for free, but they still have a chance to win money. No deposit bonuses are available in two different forms: The No Deposit Cash Bonus: When you create a player account at some casinos that offer it, you can benefit from a free sum of money to play on all casino games. Free Spins No Deposit Bonus: This time it’s free slot machine spins that are credited to players as soon as they register.

The sports betting bonus

More and more casinos offer players the opportunity to bet on all sports and also on all games of sports. To make the experience as enjoyable as possible, many gaming sites have implemented sports betting bonuses, also known as bookmaker bonuses. There are several types, but the two most used are: The refunded bet: this is probably the most common bonus on bookmaker or online casino sites. The operation of the refunded bet is very simple. After making a deposit by choosing the refunded promotion, you will have to make a first sports bet. In the event of a loss, the entire bet will be refunded to allow the losing players to retry their chances at no additional cost. The refunded bet bonus is a safety net offered by casinos for bettors. The free bet: also called Free Bet, is very similar to the bet above. In this case the player is not refunded in case of defeat, but his first sports bet is free. A sum is awarded that allows you to place a bet on the casino without necessarily depositing real money. It’s a kind of no deposit bonus for sports betting.

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