how much money can they contain and how to understand when they are full

The advent of technology and the internet have radically changed the face of gambling and even the slot machine has not been heavily interested. Today, the infinite space offered online has facilitated the flourishing of gambling game providers that release new titles every week. There are no more in fact the spatial links of casinos, gaming rooms or physical bars that were previously the only places that could host the traditional slot.

Oggi il campo da gioco si è shiftedto sui casino online e mobile, dove non è raro trovare su un solo sito oltre 500 slot cui poter giocare. They are completely mutated and the paradigm of the game, but some questions about the slots still remain. In this article we will try to give an exhaustive answer, especially in merit of all the wins that are possible to win.

What is the maximum win in the slot?

There is no fixed maximum win a priori. The figure depends on a number of factors, ie the player’s initial bet and the maximum winning multiplier. To remove any doubts, you can access the table of payments in the settings of the slot in which you want to play and consult which ones are the multipliers for each winning combination. Si va da moltiplicatori molti bassi ad altri che possono arrivano even a x10,000 o più.

The screen of the slot Dead or Alive 2 that informs the maximum win superior to 100,000 volte la puntata

For example, the case of NetEnt’s Dead or Alive slot available at LeoVegas online casino. This game is able to win up to 111,111 times the bet.

A quel punto non vi resta altro che fare di calculo e multiplicare la puntata per il multiplier. In this way you will know how much you will win if fortune comes to you. Discourse different in case you play a slot with jackpot. Even in this case, however, a distinction was made, because there are slots with fixed prizes, which already allow you to know which will be the final win, and then there are slots with progressive jackpots that increase with each game and can also be offered win millionaire

How much money does a slot contain at most?

The increasingly massive transfer of slots from the physical world to the virtual world has meant that some questions that were asked until a few decades ago no longer have a reason to be. The first was the slot to make a savings account, containing the coin, and then it was legitimate to ask what the maximum amount could be withheld, now this seems like an open question.

Today’s slots are essentially born online and therefore they don’t contain money and they don’t have a ceiling of money that they can accept. For the more curious, we can still say that an average slot can hold up to around 300 euros. But even this issue is now dated, because the most advanced physical slots accept bank notes and credit cards and when they pay they can do so not only in cash, but also with tickets, and therefore count the money inside the slot It doesn’t make much sense anymore.

How to understand when a slot is full?

So it doesn’t make sense to wonder how much money you can get to hold an online slot, so there’s no way to understand if a slot is full. Semmai, ci si puerde chieder se una slot che ha camcamerato so mucho soldi, senza payare o elargendo ben poche vincite in rapporto alle ultime giocate non sia pronta per payare.

Vogliamo subito refeffdare i vostri bollenti spiriti, perché no cè nesun modo per capire if you turn the other way, the slot will assign a win or even pay the jackpot. Today’s slot is a concentration of technology and is regulated by a software called RNG, or Random Number Generator, which does not allow any prediction of winnings to be made.

RTP and Volatility

Some will tell you to check the RTP and volatility of the slots before playing. There is in fact the rather generalized idea that slots with an elevated RTP can guarantee a greater number of wins. First of all, let’s say that RTP stands for Return to Player and indicates in theory the percentage of money returned to players. You should not, however, stray away from that slot that provides an elevated RTP, even higher than 95%.

Legacy of Dead slot boasts an RTP of 96.58%

A slot with an elevated RTP and Legacy of Dead from Play’n GO that you can play at the digital game casino and that boasts a return to the player of 96.58%. This does not mean that every 100 euros invested in the slot will return 96.58. The RTP is correct and is actually 96.58%, but I calculated the big number. Dovete prendere in considerazioni milioni or even miliardi di giri, so that the RTP is true. In the short term, che è poi quello che a voi interes, non c è nessuna certezza quindi che vincerete.

A similar discussion also applies to volatility, which is another of the fundamental aspects of every slot. This term indicates the frequency with which a slot pays. There are high, medium and low volatility games. As a rule, the first pay less frequently, but they are awarded maggiori wins, while those with low variance are awarded più spesso, but with minor importance. The idea, therefore, would be to play a slot with low volatility if you have a lower budget or want to prolong your playing time and try a slot with high volatility if you want to try the big shot. This, however, is not entirely true, because even in this case the volatility works in the long term and not in the short term, and therefore you can find yourself in the situation of not winning for several spins in a slot with low variance or to win rather than requiring your slot to high volatility.

The highest slot win in history

With this article, we certainly do not want to spoil the lives of those who dream of changing their lives with a rich win at the slot. As difficult as it is to get this type of win, the history of slots is littered with millionaire prizes.

The highest winnings ever recorded between physical and online casinos dates back to 2003 at the Excalibur Casino, Las Vegas, when a young computer engineer, who remains anonymous, managed to win 39.7 million dollars by focusing the jackpot on the Megabucks slot . On the same slot, not available in ADM casinos, the second and third largest wins in history were also obtained, amounting to 34.9 and 27.5 million dollars. The highest winning ever recorded in an online casino is from 2013 and was obtained by an anonymous Finnish player who won 24 million playing the Mega Fortune slot.

Strategy to win at the slot

At this point you will probably start wondering which strategy we used for millionaire players to win the jackpot and how to increase your chance at the slot machine. Sorry, there is no strategy in the slot that allows you to win. Precisely because the slot is a game determined solely by chance and fortune, you cannot in any way condition the outcome of a spin. È meglio che ve ne rendiate conto il prima possibile per avertir dispendiose perdi di denaro. Il lato bello – e brutto allo stesso tempo – è che alle slot no nessuna abilità ed è anche che è è giochi favorite da milioni di utenti che voiñon divertarvi con un gioco immediato, senza essere costretti to learn complicated rules .


We are sure that our article has clarified the idea of ​​maximum winnings in the slot and the possibility of understanding when a slot will pay. They are both very important concepts to consider when you approach the slot game and that can direct your choices. In this way, once you have learned the basics of the real possibility of winning at the slot, you can play more consciously so that you can better manage your budget.

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