Two-thirds of people can’t figure out all 10 differences in a complicated new puzzle, so can you?

IF you are over 21, you may have been to a casino and even played a slot machine before.

To win a slot machine you have to get the same three symbols, but to win this puzzle you have to find the differences.

Online casino affiliate Mr Gamble has released a series of puzzles that will leave you scratching your head.

There are two seemingly identical slot machines in this puzzle, but it’s not.

There are 10 differences to be spotted in this puzzle and only 35% of people can spot them all.

If you are struggling to find all 10 differences, we can reveal the answers.

The first difference is that the cherry symbol replaces the lemon on the right slot.

Changed even in the same crack, the lemon replaces the grapes.

Another difference between the machines, the 7 on the left slot is green on the right machine and red on the left.

The color of the 7 on the right panel of the car has also changed, which reads “big, big, big”.

A second poker chip also appears on this panel of the machine on the right.

Another poker chip was added to the bottom panel of the second machine, just above the playing cards.

The playing cards are also different as the club is changed into spades.

Conversely, the spades symbol on the bottom panel of the left machine is changed to a club on the right machine.

The heart on the cards in the left panel changes from red to purple.

And finally, there is a cherry added to the left panel on the right car.

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