Sportitaliabet online celebrates its 100,000 members

Always great bonuses for online gaming enthusiasts: Sportitaliabet celebrates the hundred thousand subscribers to the site with an instant bonus of one million euros. Let’s see how.

Online casinos are always very attentive to their users and, in an attempt to retain them, they sometimes pull out the impossible promotions as much as possible.

Sportitaliabet celebrates with an Instant Bonus of one million euros

In this case we are talking, above all, about the promotion of Sportitaliabet, a new operator in the sector, which, to celebrate the first hundred thousand registered on the digital platform, has offered an instant bonus of one million euros.

An important figure for an even more important loyalty: this is what every operator who works in Italy aspires to and who needs, unconditionally, the trust of its users.

On the other hand, the complicated process (in an adequate way compared to state certifications and controls) that you have undergone to become legal operators in our country allows us to say that every company that deals with gambling needs to be followed by thousands (hoping for millions) of customers.

And, therefore, in an idea of ​​promotion that allows us to gain loyalty and customer attention, why not think of an extraordinary one-time bonus that entices the user to play?

Best AAMS (now ADM) online casinos: varied schedules and advanced software.

The best Italian online casinos are the legal ones and it doesn’t rain on that. Then, choosing the best, if these casinos also have advanced and dedicated software then the customer can only be happy.

This is very important and explains well the imprint that each new operator has decided to give to their platforms.

A dedicated software, in fact, allows the user a fast and intelligent navigation on a stable site, which does not lose connection and which maintains a very high standard during the customer experience.

This, given the tight times of each existence, allows the player to enter a site wherever he is and always find what he wants in a short time.

Even when it comes to schedules, the important thing is to have a lot of choice.

No player is equal to another and, precisely in an idea of ​​responsibility and freedom (as in the case of Self-Exclusion from the game), operators tend to give many possibilities to the player who can choose the game on which he feels most comfortable. or the one that gives him the most emotion.

In many cases, in fact, we have blackjack, slot machines, poker (with live tables and tournaments), baccarat, roulette, seven and a half, etc.

There are players more prepared, therefore, for games such as slots (which are easy, fast and very electrifying) or others who are more passionate about games such as poker (card game, you need to know the rules, play more strategy and skills) and both types must have a wide choice on the platform, this is what they like.

Are casino promotions and bonuses a major incentive?

There are no casino bonuses that do not matter in an online platform.

This is because there are so many different promotions and they are all, or almost, designed to make the customer fall in love with the portal.

Welcome bonuses, for example, which are the most well-known and widespread, are used to catch the player right away.

In many cases, in fact, in addition to free throws, we have a small cash bonus that allows you to learn how to play without affecting your deposit on the site.

This is essential to be able to create empathy with the player without the anxiety of having to think about spending your own money without knowing how the site works.

Another recurring bonus is the one with a code.

In this case a possible promotion can be activated thanks to a kind of password that you get after a tot of games on the site, so if you are a loyal user.

Again, this is a very smart move because the player who has spent a lot of money on the site wants to feel pampered and considered.

And this is what matters most, we assure you, even more than a bigger win.

Being part of a whole, feeling observed, feeling interest, this is what matters more than anything else.

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