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Move a volume of business pari a 1.38 billion euros and in the year of the pandemic it has overcome the one deriving from the physical network: let’s talk about it gambling online, a very popular practice among Italians who always dedicate themselves to this form of entertainment on their PC, mobile tablet device in general. On the one hand, consumption habits are in continuous evolution, on the other, the online gambling industry is in strong expansion and takes advantage of the opportunities offered by digital to offer an ever more immersive experience and an ever more complete range of games.

But how does the formula of the online casino in the Bel Paese ever become so popular and rooted? Let’s find out together.

A long tradition

Basically, if the online casino industry in Italy is so flourishing, it should be there long tradition of the gambling game, on the other hand, the first gambling house recognized by the State was born: we are in the 1638 in Venice, the “ridotto”, or rather “casino”, is the place designated by the authorities for the regulation of gambling. But the casino is not the only example of how the history of gambling goes back to its origins in Italy, just think about the game of bingo and alla sua forma più antica che porta al 1530 when he made his comparsa on the play scene “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”: his formula a estrazione would then become famous in France three hundred years later, to arrive in Germany in the nineteenth century and in the United States in the second half of the twentieth century. What about Baccarat? A dare and birth to this pastime father sia stato il Etruscan rite of “Nove Dei”then revived in the late medieval period with a card game with a score of 0 to 9. It is precisely because of this long tradition that Italy is one of the most receptive countries to innovation, especially when dealing with the digital world , on the other hand Italians are always present online.

Question of numbers

If the long historical tradition enjoyed by gambling in Italy is one of the reasons why it has always been so widespread and popular, another key element is the abundance of the offer: there are at least 160 portals dedicated to the game of gambling that in the national territory carry out their own activity with a regular license and in accordance with the current regulations, this means that the Italian players have wide possibility of choiceae possono sempre contare su un servizio nella propria lingua che dialogue con il proprio banking system. Another aspect that has had a significant impact on the diffusion of online casinos in Italy is related to the membership of the European Union that offers managers and players the advantages of common currency a system says less restrictive rule. On this front, then, the issue of the minimum age for gambling is not underestimated: in Italy it is possible to gamble from 18 years and over, unlike the threshold set in other countries which is 21 years. The Italian gambling market, then, is much larger and open even to operators from the European Free Exchange Association (EFTA) and the European Union thanks to decree law n. 248 of 2006 and dl 138 of 2011, the latter, in particular, has liberalized online gambling.

This has led to a significant increase in the variety of legal games that can be found online and for which it is permissible to bet real money: poker, bingo, solitaire, slot machines are easily found among different sites that offer this type of online entertainment, it is necessary all you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a regularly registered account. But how do you orient yourself in the endless galaxy of sites and portals dedicated to online gambling? There is nothing left to discover.

How to choose an online casino

When it comes to choosing the online gaming platform to rely on, it is fundamental to keep in mind a few simple elements that can offer a pleasant experience and a serene and safe gaming experience.

Here is a summary of the aspects to pay attention to:

variety: in this case the difference is the possibility to choose between a complete range of games, from Roulette to Casino Hold’em without forgetting Blackjack, Roulette and tables with real croupier. A quality online casino, moreover, must offer hundreds of slots with verifiable winning percentages and consistent progressive jackpots;

security: it is an essential element, it is the one that offers users the guarantee that all deposit and withdrawal operations take place in a safe manner and through complex encryption systems capable of protecting sensitive and financial data, all in collaboration with the most advanced systems of payment;

assistance: an online casino of this level must always offer channels of contact with assistance in a wide time frame, even 24 hours a day, and have various tools, including live chat, e-mail address and telephone.

To complete the list characteristics of a good online casino There are two elements such as optimization for mobile devices and a solid reputation: in fact, turning to a site with long experience in the sector and proven credibility is the best way to enjoy your gaming experience in peace .

Online casino between history and innovation

To understand the reasons for the great popularity of gambling and online casinos in Italy, it is necessary to go back and forth through the tradition of this entertainment: I have solid historical roots that have imprinted in the DNA of the Italians the passion for gambling and this same passion that today is the driving force behind an industry in continuous evolution, both on the security front and on the supply side.

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