Il caso Danimarca surprises, remember slot machine

Naples, October 6 – The years of the Covid-19 pandemic have put to the test every type of category whether it is work, play or sport, and the casino world has not been left behind. Despite this, the opportunity to play on online platforms has made the economic shock less invasive, in fact it has hit all real casinos, poker and online slot machines.

At present, in fact, the online casino world is constantly being updated and offers many game possibilities, from interactive tables for poker or baccarat, to various types of online slot machines with a vast selection of themes and game modes. This has been done in such a way that every enthusiast can play even at home and has cushioned the drop in economic income due to the pandemic.

From 2021, with the gradual re-opening, the casino is recovering and some are even reaching a record of registration and collection. The Denmark case stands out among all, well yes, not Las Vegas or another American state, but Denmark! Da un comunicatio delle autorità danesi, Danish Gambling Authority, sulle statistiche delle entrate da gioco d’azzardo nel secondo semestero 2022 emergono i dati sorprendenti che tanto fanno parlare, ovvero un aumento del 7.4 percent sulle entrate di giochi nella loro totalità. Tutto il mondo dei casino danesi, quindi, ha contributito in questa salita, dalle sale da gioco alle slot machine online e reali. The total figure amounts to 1,688 million Danish crowns (dkk) in the second half of 2022, which is equivalent to 227 million euros. This is an increase that exceeds that of 2021 by 116 million Danish kroner.

This is essentially due to the fact that many more casinos, restaurants with slot machines and game rooms have been able to reopen with more freedom, after the restrictions due to Covid-19, and even the circulation of people outside and inside the premises has definitely been more free and relaxed The majority of people have overcome the fear of contagion and if they have recommenced living in a local area, outside dining, music in a pub and even playing games in a game room and sitting at a poker table. The fact remains that a double increase in one year is surprising and makes all casino owners hope for a total recovery.

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