There is even Braccio di Ferro among the new online slots

And online casinos offer a lot of new things to users. The catalog of available games includes the great classics such as the traditional slot machine, but there are also absolutely new versions that attract the attention of enthusiasts. An ever-increasing number of people are streaming their internet, gradually abandoning the game mode at the physical location of the betting room. Oggi ci si può funeridamente comodamente dal proprio smartphone, scrivendosi con il telefonino y recivendo i bonus di benvenuto.

The new slot machines are appreciated by the public and offer the possibility of cementing themselves in exciting adventures, which keep the user glued to the screen of the personal computer or to the display of tablets and smartphones for hours. The characters span between historical hero, legendary myth and famous figure in the world of cartoons or entertainment. One of these is Braccio di Ferro, the nice sailor who eats spinach to become strong.

If you are looking for the Braccio di Ferro game, it is good to remember that it is an AAMS online slot, so it is perfectly safe, legal and approved by the Customs and Monopoly Agency. The controls on this type of game system are extremely rigid, so the user has the maximum guarantee regarding the payment of bets, the respect of personal data, which are treated only for the indicated purpose and the chances of winning.

On the internet you can also find other games with extravagant characters, which have now entered the common imagination and which have inspired great entertainment. A much-discussed topic in the web betting world is that of animals and there are many developers who have developed hilarious machines, such as the hen slot, with golden eggs that symbolize luck and interesting prizes available of the player

Regarding Braccio di Ferro, it is useful to remember a bit of the character’s history. The first comic book appearance dates back to 1929 and soon adopted the name of Popeye, which was originally called Thimble Theater. He lands in Italy in 1935 and his success is literally exponential.

With the passage of time, Braccio di Ferro is increasingly famous and becomes the protagonist of animated cartoons that are broadcast by the main broadcasters, comics, comic books, short films, advertising and video games. The director Robert Altman in 1980 even decided to make a film on the adventures of Braccio di Ferro.

The slot machine of this nice sailor is characterized by 5 reels, with 3 lines and a total of 10 paylines. The graphics are perfectly adherent to the style of the past and the player can immerse himself in a vintage-flavored experience. To win the win, you must win the lucky combination, with symbols that must be aligned according to the game’s regulation.

The surprise, however, is not if they stop: there are special functions and bonuses that make the game even more intriguing, allowing you to receive prizes characterized by free spins or winning multipliers.

And the symbols are those of the spinach, with which Braccio di Ferro receives the gift of strength, there are Olivia, Pisellino and Bruto. The figure of Braccio di Ferro is considered Jolly.

On the internet they find another version of the slot machine of Braccio di Ferro but basically the characters are similar because they bring back the protagonist of the cartoon beloved by all children and even those who are not young but remember the episode on TV with joy .

Find the Braccio di Ferro slot now at AAMS casino. In these specialized sites, you can also find reviews, comments and user opinions. Register now to the online betting platform and try your luck with Braccio di Ferro.

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