Online Casino Slot Machine and RTP: Everything you need to know in one place

One of the main reasons for the great popularity of online slots is that at first glance they seem quite simple. Set your puntata, click on the start button and the game is done, right? In today’s informative article we explain that maybe it’s not that simple.

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It’s not just luck that decides the location of your spin, but essentially a so-called random number generator. We will explain exactly what it is about in the course of this article. My cousin, let’s talk about the basics.

How do slot machines work online?

It doesn’t matter if you like to play classic 3-reel games like Wizard of Gems or popular 5-reel online casino slots like Starburst, because the final goal is the same: get the most possible number of identical symbols next to each other it is a so-called line of payment.

Of course, the same is also true for the slot with a cluster payment mechanism like Gemix, only that in this case there is usually a grid with a greater number of symbols. But who or what determines which symbol appears? Below you will find the answer to this question.

What is the problem of the random number generator?

While the slot machine reels of the past came to stop mechanically, today’s online slots use a completely different technique. We are talking about the so-called random number generator.

It is a complex computer program that determines the location of a game turn using a sequence of randomly generated numbers.

In other words, it works like this: the random number generated by the RNG “says” to the virtual reel when it stops.

At each spin, a new random number is determined by the RNG, so each online casino game turn is completely independent of the other.

So winning or losing has absolutely nothing to do with the outcome of previous rounds.

This might confuse you, but in reality it is the quintessence of gambling. There are no predictable results because it’s all a question of fortune.

Naturally, this does not mean that they cannot have winning streaks, on the contrary. However, you should also know that the RNG can produce several “unfavorable” random numbers for you. Ma va bene così, because the losing streaks are part of the game.

If you play in a renowned online casino, you can be certain that only certified and accurately controlled casual number generators are used. Otherwise, the game platforms risk their admission.

RNG certificates are issued by renowned international test agencies such as iTech Labs or Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). This guarantees the integrity and fairness of the random number generator used in the respective online game sites.


You will probably have heard of the so-called rapporto di vincita. This criterion indicates the percentage of your punt that you will win in the long period when you play. This winning percentage is also known as return to player or RTP.

What does this have to do with the random number generator we are talking about? Much more than you can imagine!

The RNG guarantees that the sequence of generated numbers confirms the winning percentage in the long term.

At the beginning it seems complicated, so let’s take the Immortal Romance slot machine as an example. Its winning percentage is slightly higher than 96%.

This means that in the long term you will win 96% of your bets. The corresponding random number generator must therefore be programmed in such a way as to guarantee this long-term profit expectation.

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