Bonus di benvenuto dei casino: vera occasione o trappole?

In the recent period that we have lived, many habits have changed. In a landscape of profound and rapid change, all online activities have seen their market penetration increase. Among these, the online game that is always more accessible and convenient is not missing.

If accessibility is guaranteed by ever faster devices, convenience comes from promotional offers on the web. Many sports bookmakers and online casinos attract new users by promising bonuses and free money. However, queste offerte di cui il web si è è riempito molto velocente, sono davvero reali? Oppure nascondono qualche strano trucco che sfuga a una prima occhaita? We are trying to better understand the question of casino bonuses.

The incredible notoriety of the benvenuto bonus of the case da gioco online

If you could think that casino welcome bonuses have become popular only recently. In reality these offers exploit a classic psychological lever used commercially for a long time. Indeed, everything that is offered, discounted or even free, has always given a strong ascendant to a potential buyer. Even the online operators of the gambling game have understood that they use a marketing technique that is as old as the world.

Specifically, different types of offers are used, each of which is aimed at specific groups of potential new users. Online casinos have in fact two main problems: getting new users to sign up and convincing those who are already signed up to continue playing. For this, just go to the promo page of Lionbonuses of any Italian or foreign online casino to see yourself served in front of a plethora of exciting offers.

Affascinanti da queste offerte many people don’t take the time to read the details of the conditions posted in the offer. And the casino and the bookmaker don’t give away money but at least they can play for free, or almost, if they decide to try the service offered. The objective of the casino is to acquire a new player while the objective of the latter is to be able to profit from promotional offers.

I bonus and the most widespread promotion

Various are the promotions that the gaming house launches on the web with a steady pace. In general, to convince, and thank, a new subscriber the first offer is the welcome bonus. This can be mainly of two types:

bonus without deposit; bonus with deposit

The no-deposit offer provides a small gift, often of a modest amount or little more, given to the player in front of the simple opening of the game account. Questi soldi are not prelevabili senza giocare but possono essere utilisazione su tutti, o parte, i tavoli e le slot machine.

The bonus with deposit is instead an increment of the first operation of the account. It is generally on the first deposit and the gift could reach even 100/150% of the deposit. For example, by recharging the account with €50, you can get another €50 (100% bonus). Every casino decides autonomously how many bonuses to give. The recurring promotions are instead the initiatives that the casino periodically launches to convince players to continue playing. Possono essere bonus su depositi successivei or other types of initiatives.

In all cases it is no longer possible to directly withdraw the amount received as a bonus without having played it. The reason for this is simple: the casino is not a benefic entity and only gives away money to play and play games. However, bonuses can be converted from gift money to real money and can be withdrawn as normal winnings. To do so, you must meet the so-called betting requirement.

The bet requirement: the Achilles heel of the bonus

That of the betting requirement is the point where many new players fall. This is a parameter set by the operators of the online game itself to avoid that the “soliti shuribi” ask for the bonus and withdraw it without playing or doing it as little as possible.

The betting requirement is a number that indicates the total amount that the bonus must move before it can be withdrawn. The value is expressed in multiplication. For example, if we got €50 in bonus with a 20X wagering requirement, it means that €50 must be moved 1000 times (€50 multiplied by 20 times). This total is the sum of winnings and losses that accumulate starting from the initial €50 received as a gift.

Do you mean che bisogna versare €1000 to withdraw then 1050? No. Does it mean that I have to accumulate €1000 to be able to withdraw? Don’t you

It means that every action you make on your table or on the slots has a punt value. Playing the game and laughing every time until the end if it happens to have moved figures well above the initial bonus. When this sum reaches €1000 moved, the remaining part can be withdrawn.

From this it is deduced that the remaining sum could be well superior to the initial bonus or inferior. Se invece cifra si esaurisce senza reacherre il requisite allora il giocatore nulla deve al casino. He used the site playing for free.

Welcome bonus: trap or opportunity?

Accepting the bonus is not obligatory, if you can also refuse to play only with your own money. The problem is to understand if the bonus you receive is really convertible into real money or less. To do so, read all the terms and conditions. That of the game requirement is the most important.

Il trucco è discarde i bonus con un troppo elevato gioco requisite. At the moment an acceptable standard is around 35X or 40X, beyond this figure it becomes very difficult to monetize a bonus.

Casino and bookmaker bonuses are great opportunities to play longer and increase your chance of victory but I didn’t recognize it. Other parameters to evaluate are the temporal validity and they can be used on all or part of the games. A bonus with too many limits and high game requirements (beyond 50X) is only one specchietto for allodole. Excluding this case limit and casino bonuses are opportunities to make a profit. Of course, it’s not easy, but it’s possible, especially with a little luck.

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