Le cose che ogni beginner deve sapere prima di giocare al casino online Periodico Daily

If you want to play casino online, it is important to understand the main mechanisms by which this activity is organized. In fact, it is really easy to find where to make a point and the registration procedure is very simple. In the majority of cases, it only takes a few minutes and it can even happen that you can play at the beginning without spending money.

Non bisogna pero dimenticare che nei casino online si giocano soldi veri. So you must have a clear understanding of the operation of these game platforms to avoid easily avoidable errors and losses.

Today we are going to explain the basic operation of an online casino and how to avoid possible scams.

The importance of gaming licenses

Quando ti avvicini ai casino online devi innanzitutto verificare la presenza di una licenza per il il gioco a distanza rilasciata da un authorita competente. In the case of Switzerland, we are talking about the Federal Gaming Commission (CFCG).

Only thanks to this authorization is it possible for an online casino to operate legally in the Swiss territory. The license is not a simple document, but it certifies that the online platform meets all the game’s regularity guarantees.

Relying on a casino that does not have an alternative license such as that of Malta or Curacao means that you will be playing on a gambling site that is not subject to the jurisdiction of Switzerland. This should be taken into account when choosing where to play. In ogni caso trovi tante informazioni sui migliori casino online europei su

Di cosa hai bisogno to register at an online casino

Once you have chosen the most interesting and reliable casino, you can proceed to registration. To begin, following a specific path, you will be asked for your name, surname, date of birth, address, telephone number and email address. These requests occur in several steps that allow you to complete the registration. Obviously you must be over 18 years of age.

In a second phase, you will have to indicate the money transfer method, among those available, that you have chosen to make deposits and withdrawals. It is important that you use the same method to do both operations and that you are the holder of the card or bank account.

But to be able to withdraw you must proceed to the recognition of your identity. You will then have to send a photo or scan of your valid ID, or other documentation if required.

Play with or without first deposit

Once the registration is finished, it’s time to make the first deposit on the game account and start betting. In some cases, however, you can start playing without using real money. Infact some online casinos offer a bonus without you having to make a cash payment.

It usually deals with small virtual sums and free spins on certain slot machines. However, you can try for free the demo version of many slots present in the casino to practice without losing anything.

Alternatively, you will have to make the first payment to then play with real money or take advantage of the welcome bonus. The latter usually consists of virtual sums and free spins that vary based on how large the sum is.

Following the regulation of every online casino you can turn part of this bonus into real money winnings, even if it’s not so easy. Puoi comunque avere a questa pagina ulteriori ragguagli su ogni online casino svizzera –

What is RTP and why should it interest you

There is an old saying that the casino always wins. In the case of online casinos it’s absolutely true and it’s all legal. Let’s make an example dedicated to the slot machine. For each of these, the so-called RTP (Return To Player) is indicated that specifies the percentage of the sum of money played that is returned in the form of a win. The rest is taken as compensation for the online casino.

For example, a slot that has an RTP of 95% gives players this percentage of how much has been played. The remaining 5% goes to the casino.

You decide how much and how to play

As the last advice, we recommend that you allocate to the game only sums that are compatible with your entry. Online casinos also allow you to limit deposits according to your instructions. Because the game must be a source of entertainment, but also responsible.

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