The birth of the casino: from 1638 to the online

If we think of the Casino, it is normal to think immediately of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Saint Vincent, aree become famous even thanks to this service offered, but probably few people really knew when the first of these buildings was inaugurated and where. It is very probable that already in antiquity the man was soli giocare, even for money, there was no formal institution of gambling, as in reality it is foreseen now.

In our country, many people today sign up and play at their casino italia online, without being aware of the history of this type of institution, which sees its foundation in our country, given that according to some documents the first one was opened in Venice, even in the distant 1638, when the Venetian city was under the government of the Serenissima Republic.

With the name of Ridotto or Ca Vendramin, the first casino was opened (term translated from Italian to indicate a small house), and it was a place where people, very often noble, met to discuss, establish alliances, talk about politics, organize a party with the possibility of having fun playing gambling.

Its position on the Grand Canal has allowed it to quickly become a prestigious place frequented by a certain type of wealthy clientele, who loved to try their luck and have fun in company, in a luxurious and at the same time comfortable and reserved environment.

From that moment on, casinos began to spread ever more finely to arrive at our days, where paradoxically the number of players has increased exponentially, but most physical places are giving way to online rooms, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with players who can access any mobile device and play with users, even if they are connected remotely.

Las Vegas: the myth of the casino

Who loves to have fun at the slot machine, bet on poker or gamble on roulette, at least once in his life, should go to Las Vegas, home of casinos, with over 70 structures of this type, each unique in a particular style.

In the course of the years this American city was a rest station for the pioneers who aboard caravans, then the development of the railway network and the construction of the Hoover Dam, with the works completed in 1936, were a decisive impetus for the economy and the tourism The federal government on March 19, 1931, with a law, made gambling legal, a step that made possible the construction of a hotel and casino, with the first, the Bugsy Siegel, in which people could stop to sleep after having i play

Over the years, Las Vegas has become a legendary city, a city of vice and excess, a tourist stop for those who, at least for one night, dream of being able to change their lives and let themselves go completely into the wildest entertainment, as if they were the protagonist from a Hollywood film, it is impossible not to quote the comic trilogy of “A Night of Leoni”.

The casino today

The online and the pandemic have led to the development in an ever more predominant manner of online casinos, a vere proprie virtual hall that is close to being ever more similar to physical casinos, with players who thanks to technology live a total experience as they play in presence, senza patire la digitalizzazione. For convenience, constant accessibility, it is not rare to predict a major development of this type of game mode, a system that will obviously put even more into crisis historic casinos that have suffered economic losses linked to lack of income during the pandemic.

According to some dates in Italy, 30% of the population plays and is registered to one or more of these platforms, while fewer frequent physical casinos, becoming a sporadic experience, perhaps to spend an evening in company, rather than becoming regular clients.

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