eSports are stealing the gambling scene. Subito dopo le slot, anche per i giovanissimi

The online game world is made up of so many variants. In the past two years, eSports and all those free slots that don’t stop making people talk about themselves have been particularly important. To this day, net of the date and numbers of users, I would say that these two categories of games are more appealing to gamers. Among these are also members of Gen Z, people who have not known – and perhaps will never know – the non-virtual game game, from console, PC or even more from smartphone. Segno dei tempi che cambiano, e non semper in peggio. Rather, on the contrary: the online one is a world still largely unexplored, with a potential that is not entirely expressed.

eSports, a global event

The world of traditional sport is in obvious crisis. The popularity of the American NBA or tennis is on the rise, but the same cannot be said for other competitive sports. Especially in Europe. If you think about football: the Premier League attracts su di sé tutte le attenzioni, the Liga risponde com può. Behind the void, with the Italian case that is so much more eloquent. I know that players, even betting lovers, have changed their habits a little bit.

Rewarding thus the virtual evolution of sport, declined in the variant of eSports. Che sono semper più seguiti tutto il mondo. The virtual sports market reached, in April 2021, a share of 175 billion dollars in value. Exorbitant numbers destined to grow even more when new thousands of players are added. In Italy the situation is the same: platforms like Twitch have legalized virtual sports. The number of active viewers is increasing, as is the number of authentic professionals in the sector, and gamers, who dedicate a large part of their time to the creation of game content. For the most part, games like football go, but tennis, basketball and the world of motoring also register great success.

In reflection, the events also increase, in Italy, in Europe and in the world: there will be special events organized ad hoc for virtual sports enthusiasts. I dati, giocoforza, cresceranno negli anni seguire. The new frontier of the game, with a careful analysis, is almost in virtual prevalence. Con buona pace dei – pur pochi – detrattori. Sooner or later everyone will be involved in the world of online gaming.

The other side of the coin: the slot machine

Along with eSports, the other category of pure gambling registers a remarkable success and that of online slot machines, free and paid. After eSports, in short, users reward the world of slots, which is always more dynamic and always undergoing development and innovation. Even in this case new generations of users reward the online channel: no more physical casinos but only digital ones, a sign of irremediably changed times. The pandemic comes into this, but also the incisiveness of a medium – that of the internet – which is a distinctive feature of an entire generation of digital natives.

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