Casino St. Vincent, in September collected at more 11.85 percent

The Casino of Saint Vincent closes in September with increased revenue compared to the same month of 2021.

Written by Amr

Buon momento per i casino italiani. September closed in fact, for the Saint Vincent Resort & Casino, with a gaming revenue of 4,806,613 euros, 11.85 percent more than in the same month of 2021 (plus 509,053 euros). Revenues were 22,192.

IL DETAGLIO DEI DATI – Regarding the month of September 2021, table games show an increase of 22.50 percent (plus 402,802 euros), while slot machines collect 2,613,299 euros (plus 4.24 percent).
Analyzing with even greater detail and data, between the games the chemin de fer (plus 121.87 percent), the ultimate poker (plus 33.04 percent), the fairoulette (plus 101.15 percent), the roulette americana (up 307.13 percent) and craps (up 131.27 percent). With a negative sign, black jack (minus 38.08 percent) and punto banco (minus 75.24 percent).

THE PROGRESSIVE YEAR – Thanks to the good result of September, in the first nine months of the year, the Valdostan Gaming House registered a collection of 45,800,369 euros, of which 21,283,975 euros were at the gaming tables and 24,516,394 at the slot machines . Income on September 30, 2022 is 214,877.

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