Il Video Poker del Casino dal Vivo e Come si Gioca

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Although there are several variants of video poker, the objective of the majority of these games remains the same: to create the best poker hand possible and to win as a result.

Everything can be divided into three main phases when it comes to this live casino game: placing a bet, getting the best possible hand and receiving a win.

History of video poker

Afinché oggi possiate giocare al vostro live poker preferito nei casino dal vivo, the gioco d’azzardo industry has duvote affrontare oltre 100 anni di sviluppo tecnologico.

Oggi si può giocare in divers variani nella maggior parte dei casino online. Ma in passato il poker was based exclusively on chance.

Non a caso il video poker online è il secondo gioco di casino online più populare tra i giocatori dopo le slot machine.

At the beginning, in fact, the poker games were special slot machines with card symbols instead of fruit symbols.

At the time it was more about a slot machine than a table poker game, but in the last few years I have been getting closer to the beginning of table poker.

The popularity of Video Poker

Anyone who likes to play at online casinos finds it difficult to say which are their favorite games. This is mainly due to the great variety of games offered by the respective online casinos. One of the funniest games is video poker.

What makes this game so exciting is that it is a cross between a slot machine and poker. It is possible to find different variants of this game. For example, there are games like Three Card Stud and Texas Hold’em.

The attraction of these types of games for many players is that they do not have to compete with other players, as in the case of board games or live casino poker.

If they feel less intimidated when they play against the same computer. However, players must have a clear strategy, something that is not required when it comes to regular slots.

You have to decide which card to hold when you place your bet on a spin. The stakes are very high and make this game just as profitable as traditional real money poker games.

Some of those who play this version of poker affirm that they don’t feel rushed in making decisions and that they can concentrate more on the game.

You don’t have to worry about bluffing the other players or getting angry when they make a wrong move. A loro piace il fatto di giocare an isolated version of the poker game without being distracted in any way.

How to place a bet

At the beginning of each round, it is necessary to place a stitch of any size. Remember that the potential win increases with the size of the bet, but also the risk.

And players can choose the percentage of the bankroll that they want to convert into game credits and then use that credit to bet.

At the end of the game, you can easily convert the winnings into money on your own account. After placing a bet, the card is dealt.

Point alla mano migliore possibile

Now that you have your card, if you try to get the strongest hand. As already mentioned, the major part of the video poker games of the casino dal vivo are modeled on a cinque card extraction, quindi concentriamoci su questo aspecto.

Once the fifth card is dealt, if you decide to keep or fish the card.

Similar to five-card poker, this decision is based on the strength of the hand: if they choose “Draw”, they exchange the card with an equal amount from the deck, while choosing “Hold” they can keep their own card.

Normally, the buttons “Keep” and “Keep” are present under each single card in the hand: if you want to keep one or more cards, make sure you click on “Keep” before clicking on “Fish”.

This process continues, according to the exact rules of the game, until your turn ends or you decide to “hold” all the cards.


At the end of each round, it is automatically paid based on the payment table. If you have a good hand, you are likely to receive a big win. It is possible that you won’t get a win in the case of low or high cards.

Certain game types contain multipliers and wilds, similar to those of online slots, in which players receive additional wins for receiving a specific card or a combination of cards.

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