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The variety of offers in the gambling entertainment world is often a source of confusion for the beginner player. It is difficult to understand why an Aviator slot on allows the player to win and which one does not. How to choose the best slot for a pleasant evening?

Choose a proven provider

The first important criterion for choosing a game, like an Aviator slot, is the provider. In the current gambling world, there are a large number of developers. The most important studios are Betsoft, Aceking, MegaJack, NetEnt and Playtech.

Trusting little-known producers is not a good idea. The protection levels of their software are usually not sufficient, and often they are exploited by approximate games, restricting the parameters for themselves.

Multiline slot

The second criterion for choosing a game is the number of lines. The most greedy and boring slot is the one with the least number of reels and winning lines. For example, in fiduciary casinos they find games with more than 3 reels, such as the Aviator slot.

The slot that offers a good dose of pleasure and is not stingy with winning is the 5-reel model, which contains from 9 to 21 paylines. There are games with multiple lines, but with a lower probability of winning. The combinations are collected often, but they carry little.

Dispersion in the crack

To calculate the spread, study the information on the payouts for the winning combinations in the slot. It is low with a maximum multiplier coefficient in the area of ​​2000-3000 and a minimum value of 0.5-1 of the stake amount. If the maximum coefficient is between 10 000 and 100 000, the dispersion of this slot is high. The percentage of winning spins with high variance is lower than that with low variance, but the wins are much higher. The best would be a slot with a number of prize combinations greater than 30 and a maximum multiplier of 5,000 – 10,000.


A criterion that often attracts the attention of even less experienced players is the presence of bonus games, such as those you will find in an Aviator slot. Special bonus games are present almost everywhere in today’s slots. The best of this category are bonus games that represent a certain number of free spins with increased winnings. If there is a chance to extend it during a bonus spin, it’s perfect.

The presence of the “Wild” symbol has become a necessity for modern games. This symbol helps to create winning combinations, thus increasing the chance of fortune.

The doubling game is often present in modern slots. Its presence can be considered a discrete advantage in the selection of the game. Il gioco più rischioso è quello cui bisogna battere la banco. The possibility of winning is higher than the standard game that involves guessing the color of the card.

Jackpot withdrawal

Many are tempted to win the big jackpot immediately with the progressive jackpot slot. On the other hand, many people choose the slot with vincite statice for its stability and for the greater possibility of hitting a lucky combination.

Also the visual design of the slot can play an important role. Good quality games attract more players than similar classic models. But it is a matter of purely personal preference.

Finally, we would like to address the answer to the question: which is the best slot machine? We examined the quality criteria of the slots, provided examples of excellent representatives of the gaming industry and gave a starting point for players to think about. Giving a concrete answer to this question, everyone can do it themselves, if they understand what they want to get out of the game.

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