Twitch has finally decided to ban gambling, even if it’s not all

In the last few months, the platform was full of channels that only broadcast gambling content, even in Italy.

Online casino, with real croupier che imbastivano la roulette in front of the camera. Slot machine fatte partire a repetizione e reaction semper più exagerate. In the last month, gambling-related content on Twitch has exploded, complicity even in contracts offered by online casinos to streamers. Now the Amazon platform dedicated to live has decided to put a stop to it. In a press release published in the past few hours, he has announced that from October 18 all content related to gambling will be banned.

The ban, as the statement reads, only covers a few categories: “On October 18, we will update the policies to ban the streaming of gambling sites that include slots, roulette or dice games that are not authorized in the States United or in other jurisdictions. These sites will include,, and”. Il divietto quindi lascia fuori, per il momento, alcune categorie: “Continueremo consentiremo siti centrati su sportive scommesse e poker”.

The relationship between streamer and gambling

The contracts offered by the companies that occupy gambling games for streamers are not known. They usually allow the creator to count on his various sources of income: there is a definite compensation for a minimum of hours of live to do on the pre-established sites, there is a bonus for every account opened with the affiliate link and these are anche dei soldi, spesso solo virtuali, per giocare in diretta. A complete and profitable package that has also led some streamers to migrate to countries where the norm for advertising gambling is more extensive.

TikTok like Twitch: paid subscriptions arrive

Not all have accepted. Among the creators who have recently spoken out against this type of content is Salvatore “Surry” Cinquegrana. During a live on Twitch in which he was a guest of Dario Moccia’s channel, he had said: “If you promote gambling, you are a test of c***o. On Twitch there is a botto of minors who are influenced and quindi non puoi fare una roba del genere. Io ci gioco alle slot, ma non in live. There is a responsibility as a content creator”.

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