How do slot machines work?

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ROME (actuality) – Their operation is simple and intuitive: but you can find useful advice

The slot machine was installed for the first time in the casino to attract occasional players. Indeed, unlike board games like blackjack or poker, slot machines do not require prior knowledge. Their operation is simple and intuitive. In addition, you can play even with a very low bet. Just this great intuition has led the slot machine to become very popular, in our country as well as in the world. Let’s see how the slot machine works and how it works if it wins.

How do you win alle slot?

The technology behind slot machines has changed a lot over the years. Initially, they were based on a mechanical principle. With the passage of time, classic mechanical design has been almost completely replaced by computer-controlled machines. The game at the base, however, remains the same. The player pulls a handle that rotates a series of rollers (usually three) on which images are printed. Winning or losing is determined by which images are displayed on the screen and which correspond to the payline. If every roll shows the same image, if it wins. The amount won depends on which images are shown. The possibility of winning depends on the frequency of obtaining winning combinations. If a winning combination has a high probability of being verified, the payout amount will be low and vice versa. In addition, physical casinos like online ones change the winning percentage every month. For this reason it is useful to keep an eye on the best SNAI slots every month.

The classic slot

The classic design of the slot machine works on an elaborate and light gear configuration. The central element is a metal rod that holds the coil. The first slot machine had five reels and was powered by electricity. The central element is connected to a mechanism with a handle that makes things move. A braking system stops the coil in rotation and sensors communicate the position of the coils to the central system. A coin detector registers that a coin has been inserted and unlocks a brake so that the handle can move. We now see various components of the slot.

The payline

The payline is the horizontal line, positioned on the screen of the slot machine. To win, and symbol if devono alignare su di essa. In the dawn of the slot machine, there was only one payline. Oggi there are several paylines, but often you have to pay more to get more.

The payout display

The display is the screen where the winning combinations are shown and the profit based on the total bet. Special combinations are also listed on this. If the slot is progressive, it will also show the total jackpot that can be won.

The slot lever

The cam activates the software that makes it rotate and roll. It is positioned on the left. While in the past, as already seen previously in the article, it was precisely the mechanical movement of the lever that served to actuate the roller, today only the software that allows the roller to rotate is activated. Therefore, it was left more for aesthetic purposes than anything else.

The coin drawer

If it is about the cassette from which I know the coin. If found in the lower part of the slot machine. The coin starts to come out when you press the “Cash out” button.

And main push button

Each slot is different from the other, but they are based on the same principle. Let’s see together what are the main buttons of a slot and their operation.

Spin Reels (Aziona i rulli)

After pressing this button, the game will start and, consequently, it will roll.

Play One Credit

With this button, the user bets only one credit per spin. As long as the player does not press the button to trigger the roll, the game does not take place.

Play Two Credits, Play Three Credits (Gioca due crediti, Gioca tre crediti)

With this button, it indicates that the slot only accepts two or three credits as the maximum bet. By pressing this button, it will have the same result as Gioca tutto/Commetti tutto, the button we see in the next paragraph.

Play Max Credits/Bet Max Coins (Gioca tutto/Scommetti tutto)

With this button, the maximum possible amount is placed on that slot machine. If the maximum bet is five coins, for example, the machine will take five coins from the player’s credit and will automatically activate the roll, unlike the button that allows you to play a single credit. This button only activates if they have enough credit. If this is not the case, you will need to add more money.

The Cash Out button

Another important button is that of Cash Out. In this way, you signal to the slot that you want to stop playing. In the older slots, the remaining credits were given in the form of coins. Oggi, if you receive instead only a ticket that can be turned into cash in cash.

The Change button

The last button to not forget, present at the extreme left of the row of buttons, is Change. This button is a way to call assistance. It is used when the player needs help with the slot.

Now we see the most important screens that can appear on a slot machine.

Remaining credit

This screen shows how many credits are left. If they are equal to zero, the player must insert additional coins. The screen shows the money in credit and not in euros, so it varies from slot to slot.

Credit played

Sono and credits are played for each spin. If the screen shows the number 2, it means that for which round two credits have been scored.

Win you pay

This screen shows twenty credits during the game or those that will be added to the player’s credit screen.

Insert coin

Show that the slot is not used by other players. To activate it, you will need to insert money.

Sometimes the machines can present error messages. In this case, it is necessary to contact assistance, who will call a technician.

We have seen together what the terrestrial slot machine and the online casino are, how they work and what are the main components. Pur essendo semplici e intuitive, infacti, an uneducated person could be misled and not understand al cento per cento the meaning of each pulse. We want to mention that there may be slight variations between the different slot machines but all of them are based on a similar mechanism.

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