Le basi da conoscere sui giochi di live casino

Rome.- The most popular gambling games are the slot machine. 75% of visitors choose this gambling direction. About 20% of clients specialize in traditional table games (roulette, blackjack, etc.) The direction of live casino games is still less popular. And this for a good reason. We see the characteristics of games with real croupier.

The history of gioco d’azzardo dal vivo

The first experimental developments in the field of live casino games date back to the early 2000s. But only in 2007, with the advent of Internet technology, the first champions came out, which became popular among gambling players. The pioneer was the British company Playtech. However, leadership soon passed to highly specialized developers, because this format provides expensive maintenance studies, equipment and personnel.

Chi is suitable for live games

Casino visitors are divided into four categories:

I giocatori con puntate basse. Anche per giocare a carte a 1 dollaro la punta requires 100 dollars. Non-permanent visitors who play 1-2 hours a week. Having suffered a small loss at the beginning of the session, it is possible to accumulate a few more hours to exit the deficit. Cacciatori di bonus (and giochi di live casino do not allow players to punt and bonus). I giocatori che giocano per aumentare le loro puntate dopo aver perso. It’s not that there’s not enough money, but the tactic of the rise requires a fast pace of rotation. I giochi di live casino are the right choice for two groups of clients: The Highrollers, who bet hundreds of dollars; And recreational players who don’t worry about the result, know how to pay for a game hobby.

The benefits of live games

The main aspect that pleases new arrivals is the slow pace. This is indeed an advantage for those who understand that they are not trying to beat the casino, but just to have fun.

The location of the game depends on the interaction of physical objects. This is fundamental especially for high-scoring players.

In the lobby of a live casino, there are always 4-5 tables with a maximum bet higher than the usual bet. The excitement and ambition of high-level players can be satisfied.

Access to statistics in games with real croupiers is traditionally better than games with random number generators.

The human factor is significant. On the one hand, the chatty croupier is one of the reasons why he is going to play live. On the other hand, there is an atmosphere of competition with the croupier.

I contro dei giochi dal vivo

Il primo è il ritmo. The disadvantage is the flip side of the principal advantage. There is no need to play with a real croupier, if there is no much free time, and the fact of losing will be painfully perceived.

I giochi di live casino have a relatively high score. For card games, the stake is $1, but most of the bonuses offered by online casinos are designed for deposits of $100. Live games require computer resources and Internet speed. Therefore, with public Wi-Fi or in any means of transport, there is a high risk of “blocking” with the impossibility of seeing what happened in the turn. Finally, the last disadvantage is that you play with a live croupier and bears do not allow players to bet bonuses.

Other features of live games

The main games are only three: roulette, blackjack and baccarat. In 90% of cases the transmission comes from special studies, but on the Internet there is the possibility to bet in a traditional casino where the transmission is organized.

I dealer dei giochi di live casino non pagano con le fiches: le vincite vengono accreditate automatically sul conto del giocatore.

The particularity of the search for live croupier games is that, by selecting the “Live” tab, the player can see no more than a dozen banners. Spesso ci sono diverse decine di giochi di qualche provider hidden sotto una parte delle insegne.

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