In Italy, as in the rest of the world, the pandemic has hit gambling in an important way. Lotteries, casinos and gambling halls were forced to close and shut down for a while, and sports events were suspended almost everywhere.

For this reason, the game activity is switched from offline to online. The closure of many gaming rooms has pushed several operators to dive into the digital world. The expansion of the online casino game and the passage of Internet operators have had a positive impact on the market.

The increase in regulations related to the pandemic will increase the number of people who play online casino in Italy, which in turn will increase revenue for the online casino game market. Several companies are tightening partnerships with a view to launching their own online gaming platform to provide consumers with a better experience.

To increase the accessibility and convenience of users, online casino gaming societies are developing mobile platforms for their games, to take advantage of the increased use of social apps and games. In addition, mobile gambling offers many advantages, including different ways to make deposits and withdrawals, the opportunity to join a loyalty program and play with anyone in any part of the world.

Why are online casinos on the rise?

There are hundreds of Italians who regularly play online casinos rather than local ones, and these numbers are destined to increase. In short, Italians love online casinos. Why are these games so fascinating?

If it wasn’t already quite obvious, online gambling is comfortable and convenient. Si può giocare comodamente da casa or dallo smartphone while carrying out your daily activities. In addition, there are hundreds of games from different providers, such as:

● slot machines

● blackjack

● baccarat

● poker

● bingo

● lottery

What are the businesses close to?

Both regional and international operators are present in the gambling market in Italy. As the operators expand their presence in the country, they focus on mergers and acquisitions to develop their portfolio of brands and satisfy the diverse preferences of consumers. In addition to increasing investments in R&D to develop easy-to-use online games, companies are making other acquisitions to expand their presence.

Why do Italians prefer online casinos?

The Italian gambling industry is extremely popular, il che spiega perché ci sia una richeszia di scommesse così grande nei migliori casino online.


The RTP percentage plays a fundamental role in winning. RTP is the acronym for Return To Player (ritorno al giocatore in Italian), or the average winning percentage for each player.

It essentially deals with the edge of the house. The RTP of a game cannot be calculated only from the game, unlike a card game or roulette. The slot machines use an RNG (Random Number Generator – generatore di numeri casuale in Italiano) to determine the combinations of symbols. Within the pre-programmed limit, the provider of the major casinos of success can modify this figure based on their requirements.

The RTP is transparent in the online casino site. Most games have an RTP of 99%. Therefore, the house edge is only 1%. Regardless of where you play, this figure remains unchanged.

High vincite

As a result of the aforementioned reasons, online casinos offer higher and more frequent wins. One of the reasons is the higher RTP. This means that if they have more chances to win at each turn.

In addition, there is also a progressive jackpot. In this case, players can always win hand over hand as the game continues. With millions of players playing at the same time, the winnings can grow exponentially.

Better quote

For some time, many states have been able to offer better quotes. The number of sports bets on the market has increased competition, giving life to this growth.

Each sports betting site seeks to attract new customers, while maintaining its current base. A safe way for the bookmaker to get an advantage is to improve their odds.


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