The most popular games in online casinos

The more the years pass, the more technology advances and the more the entertainment increases. For example, in the last period there has been a strong growth in online gaming. Indeed complicit with the pandemic and people’s desire for comfort, and online casinos have experienced a strong expansion, to the point of being considered the main source of entertainment. Everything is due to the mobile devices that allow enthusiasts to be able to enjoy such fun at any time and in any place, besides the fact that no one will ever see you playing in your pajamas or with a tuxedo.

Finally, the catalog is immense, there are titles suitable for every need. I don’t have a problem with the selection of casino games that are online, but there are three that I like the most: slot machine, blackjack and roulette. We find out why users are obsessed by the three pillars of physical and online casinos.

The slot machine

No need to turn around, the slot machine is currently the most popular game that casinos have ever had. Just close your eyes and hear the word casino to immediately imagine a “devil’s machine” (Come venivano chiamate allepoca): the spinning roller and the lowering lever are rightfully entered in the collective memory. Con il tempo queste si sono evolute, seguing le tendenze del momento. For example, in the beginning they had the lever that operated the mechanism, while now you just have to press a button to start the game. È molto amato proprio because there is no strategy or tactics, simply press a button and hope that fortune helps. Moreover, especially in the online sector, they manage to have different themes, making it suitable for everyone: fans of cinema, cooking, sports and so much more can still have fun with the slot dedicated to these sectors.


Blackjack has an incredible story behind it. The popular French card game has always been a source of inspiration for millions of cinematographic films that have made the history of the seventh art. This has made it possible to bring everyone closer, especially because in this way it has been discovered that Blackjack is actually much simpler than you think. It really only takes a few minutes to be able to sit at the table with the eldest and put them in trouble. Bravery and fortune coincide, but it is clear that the second counts more than the first.

The roulette

Finally there is roulette. Su questo gioco there is still much uncertainty about its origins. For example, there are those who claim that it was invented by Pascal, a well-known French mathematician. Chi può dirlo, ma sta di facto che un niente has become very famous all over the world, entertaining thousands of players and even becoming the fortune of Montecarlo, with the game that has allowed the city’s casino to grow and become very famous. Anche qui, come le slot, molto conta conta giocatore, as long as there is no specific winning strategy, molto fa la dea bendata, che decide se sarà vincita oppure no.

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